Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 3..

Greetings Hope your week is going well, I am on day 3 of back to work and day 3 of my Spiritual Journey. I am not able to log in as much as before because I am taking part in my Church's Campaign, we are in search for the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit?? Yes the Bible teaches us that the Holy Spirit is sent By Jesus to strenght and protect. But that is needs to be searched for and desired. Well we ae doing a 21 day fast, and this time we are not giving up meals, but instead the things that this world uses to keep us connected to the world  and disconnected to GOD.  And sadly for me,  it is the Internet and NETFLIX.  I am an Internet Junkie and I need to ween myself out.

I can honestly tell you it is harder than I though, you may be asking Why Are you Blogging then?? Well I am able to use the Internet if it is used to edify me or to share the word. Which is exactly what I am doing. The goal is to have the presence and be in communion with the Lord  daily, hourly,  every minute if possible.  I can tell you I realize how much time the Internet was monopolizing. I now can go to sleep earlier and not past 2 am, and I am able to read a book and study my bible. Yes I know ... many of you might be saying.. what Bible OMG!!. I can tell you that little manual is filled with outstanding stories and its a good guide for living.

But I am finding out that I really enjoy having the extra time to rest and get some reading done. I do miss looking at silly videos and makeup videos and specially my foreigh movies and documentaries. But I can do it... I know I can , or at least I will give it my all to achieve the goal .

Well I leave you with this take some time to invest in your spiritual life, we spend most of our lives chasing material things that when we die we won't be able to take with us.. so How much more important it is to spend time trying to become a better you.

have fun and take time to enjoy and smell the roses.. xoxoxoxo Liz

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