Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday is HUMP Day!!

Good Morning everyone.. Hope your week is winding down to be a good one.  I just came back from receiving some Spiritual food for my soul. And of course as always someone has to steal your sunshine, I love going to church I find it so peaceful and the burdens of life seem to all disappear, but there is always someone who will be used to steal away that peace that you have received. This time it was the illicit boyfriend, who if he doesn't change his attitude will be the ex boyfriend. As much as  I care about him, if we can't agree or at least respect the fact that I LOVE going to church then we will have to go our separate ways, or else it will be the cause for a lot of misunderstandings.  Anyways the irony is that I have been home for more than 2 months and during that time he never once inquired as to what I did  with my time, Now that he knows that I went to church.. oh then it became a problem. I didn't like that and I wont ever like that so as you can see we have a problem.

Just wanted to get that out.. and now I will take advantage of yet another gloomy day in LA and get some rest and watch a Movie.  By the way I love foreign movies, I will post a list of the nice movies I have seen and maybe you would like to watch. That will be my next entry as for now, I say Farewell and stay warm.

xoxoox Liz

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