Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello and Greeting.. I feel compel to share this with you as Thanksgiving approaches I am so grateful for many things. And I am really thankful, even if we struggle and have to work hard I am one of the few who still has a job. I am thankful for my family and specially for my parents. The years have taken a toll on them , their brown hair now covered with silver streaks.. I am thankful for having them and for making me the person I am today.

Yesterday as I arrived home and my Niece and Nephew (they are living with us) were waiting for me to eat dinner. Well when I saw how happy they looked as they ate their dinner. It brought joy to my heart. I know they are being taken care of and they are happy. They have both told My mom at different times and when the other was not around " Grandma I love You". Children equate Love with care and when a parent/ adult meets their needs they equate that to love.

Today as I arrived to work I received my email from Feeding America (formerly named America's Second Harvest). I remembered the joy in the eyes of D and B and how much they enjoyed their dinner. And I realized how important food is to a child. And how No child should go with out eating.

So today I am asking any one who reads this Blog. to Get involved. Make a Donation to this great Org. and put warm meals at the table for other kids to enjoy.

I know times are hard but we still have a lot to be thankful..also remember all donation no matter how small can and will make a difference.

follow the link and make your tax deduct able donation and help feed America.

Love Liz xoxo

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love.. an Endless Game... He Said.. She said

Hello .. let me share an interesting Phenomena.. called.. Love an endless game.

Scenario... Boy and Girl decide to go out and hang out.. 

Girl comes out of work.. tired but excited to see her love

Boy claims he is excited.. but shows a bit of frustration due to traffic

Girl feels tension.. wonders " what's going on"

Boy needs gas.. pulls at Gas station.. ask Girls if she has CASH!! 

Girl says .. : No sorry.. don't carry cash

Boy gets out upset .. did not want to use credit card in sneaky looking gas station..
Boy comes back.. mute says nothing for the next 2 hours.

Girl and Boy were going to dinner.. food is ordered and eaten .. not a word is said..

 Girl goes home.. boy is upset.. tells girl when will she be responsible and carry cash with her !!!

Girl a bit confused gets out of car, goes home.. says thanks good night

Girl texts Boy to see if he made it home OK.. no reply..
Girl goes yo Sleep

Girl calls boy .. no answer..
Girl gets the idea.. leaves boy alone.. he is upset..

Thursday.. Friday.. Saturday.. Sunday.. Monday.. Tuesday.. Wednesday..

Boy finally texts Girl.. says " you must be really busy with your friends..

Girl replies.. No really busy at work.. you finally remembered me

Boy says you never text me..
Girl says.. did you ignore.. me for 6 days

Boy..accuses girl of being mean
Girl reminds boy he was mean

Boy wont apologize and say Sorry instead asks girl to movies
Girl feels hurt.. declines on Movie Invite wants apology..

Boy tells girl you never cared about me..
Girl tells boy .. be honest with your self and dig deep and see if that's true

Boy sends smiley face .. invites to movie again.. No apology
Girl tired of this says, No.. tired
Boy .. oh you don't want me around..?
Girl.. you haven't been around for 6 days, so what else is new..

Boy says.. you want me to leave ??break up??

Girl said.. you did that last week.. when you  ignored me for 6 days..
Boy says you complain too much.. make life complicated

Girls said learn from your brothers see how they treat their Girls
Boy said those Girls don't complain like You do..

LOL...Girl said, LEAVE  go find one like them.. who does not complain .. and F#@$^ the Complications....

results =D..Freedom... Love Game is Over .. No more War!! No Drama.. No Complication..Oh Wait.. Boy again...

Boy said.. why are you mean .. send me a picture of You???

LOL!!!. its been so long that now I have to send him a picture of me so that he can remember who is the girl he claims he loves.. and who he is fighting with.. 

Girl said.. Good Bye... the End

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You!!

I would like to take some time to Remember and Thank all the Military Service men and women who have given their lives to defend and protect this Nation.

Thank you to the mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, and children whose loved one is serving or has served in the military, and a Specially to those who have lost a loved one.

and to the Fallen Soldiers and the ones who are in Active Duty, and to our Veterans , I thank You for providing me with freedoms that have come at such a great cost.

I thank you for selfishly putting on that uniform and placing your life in harms way to protect this nation.

There are two things that I choose never to write or discuss because I have respect for others , but Today I will mention both of them .

1. Religion , Thank you for giving me the right to believe and worship GOD, and for that I ask him in the name of his only son JESUS to Protect and keep you safe. I ask him to be with you on those lonely nights as you walk in harms way , I ask him to be with you at your side and most importantly I ask him to bring you all back Home.

2. Politics.. I would like to express how much I support our Armed Forces, but I value their lives more than anything else, and I would love it if our new President would actually keep his campaign promise which was to bring the Troops back home, Instead of deploying more to Afghanistan!.

Empty promises is not what we need, a moment of silence is nice, but seeing someone alive is better. Staring at the Pictures of fallen soldiers for TV time is just a gesture.. deciding to bring them all back that is Action!!!

The say they are fighting terrorists abroad, in reality we have that here at home, worry more about your citizens and protect them and your service men.

Blood is to much of a High Price to pay. Some times a wise man .. decides to retreat and win .. instead of continue the fight and loose more lives.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

HI.. Long Time...No hear !!

As I sit here . And remember how life used to be a couple of years ago, All I have to say Is Thank You God, for saving me and My Family. I have been busy and have not had time to update my Blog.. work, Family Obligations and Life.. have been overworking me. When that happens I know I need to slow down and take some time for me.. Usually that time always involves Jesus and My Church. when I am tired and Drained I take time and go more often to Church and recharge my self. So I have been doing that and Slowly I am feeling a bit better.

I haven't even gone to the gym in 3 weeks... OMG!! I can not allow that to happen I am on a mission and I will conquer..

break is over.. just wanted to tell you whenever you feel like life ,parents, work, school are drowning you.. always look up and call upon Jesus.. he is always right there waiting to give you a hand.

Blessings and XOXOX... Liz