Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quality Time with Mom

Hello there hope you guys had a great day. I am still off work until my arms, wrists and shoulders completely heal. So as part of my Physical Therapy I need to stretch and walk and move so my tired limbs get energy. I can honestly tell you that I miss work , I am the type of person that needs to be busy and I have been cooped up in my home for 2 months.

You might say WOW.. so much to do in all that free time, my friend from work thought I was all over town enjoying my free time. My HR manager also told me to take advantage of the free time I have and do all those things that when I was at work I would find myself wishing I could do.  Like going to the beach , going shopping, taking Pictures, exercising. But they forgot one important things, I was in major pain and on some strong medication, All I did for the first month at all and take more medication to take the pain away.  Last week I can honestly say that I finally started to feel like my old self.

But now there's another problem everyone else is at work or busy... so  I might have all the time in the world now to go and see the great outdoors but no one to go with. Even my mom is busy, so I just stay home and do my therapy. I go and take a 40 min walk come back home do more stretches go to church spend some time with JC then come home check out a Flix on Netflix and the day is over. So as you can see its easy to understand when I say I AM BORED!!!

Well today after I did my work out and my Therapy I convinced my mom to stop what she was doing and just go to the mall with me, Just to walk and get out of the house Or else I would go Crazy.

So she did, after I bribed her with the though of some Yummy Panda Express.. =)

So for the First time in months I can finally say that I enjoyed my day. We walked around the mall and stop at Macy's.. you guys I love Macy's.  I worked there for 3 years and I had a great time meeting people and the smell  of new things is unbelievable. Plus that's where I met my shibi. So I have a lot of good memories at Macy's.  I had to resist the urge to stop over the MAC counter.. because I am going to the MAC Pro store this week so I couldn't justify buying something just because. Well my mom loves shoes and purses. Luckily for my wallet she did not see anything that she liked =D thank GOD.
I am not working right now so I have to be cautious as to how I spend $$.

After  on our way to the food court we went to the Hello Kitty store and I bought a Hello Kitty Key cover. Just to loose it minutes later,  I was so disappointed and I didn't even notice it was missing until I got home and needed to open my gate and couldn't find my key.
(By the way this is the second time this has happened, so I am not going to try to buy another Hello Kitty key cover) But seriously aren't they so cute?

Hello Kitty White Sheep Key Cover Ball Chain Hello Kitty Key Cover Set: PirateSanrio 50th Anniversary Badtz Maru Hello Kitty Hooded Key Cap

But as my mom said "be grateful we are safe and that you only lost something that cost $5", but I am sorry.. .$5 is still too much to loose, plus I lost my key and  I really liked and wanted the Kitty cover.

But I am happy because minus my Hello Kitty incident I had a Blast with my mom and yes she sure did get her Panda Express she loves that food. Mainly because it is the only fast food that does not make her tummy sick.

well time to go do more therapy.. xoxoxox and have a great evening, take a moment to smell the flowers and spend some quality time with your mom and your loved ones. Remember  the time we spend with each other is Priceless, and our days are not always Promised.

love ya Liz

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