Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gloomy Ruby Gloom weekend =(

This is turning out to be the gloomiest weekend ever.. and I feel so much like Ruby Gloom. Not only are we expecting rain, the sky is gray and the dark clouds have overpowered my beautiful sun. That's nature ruining my weekend.... but a greater power is making it far worst, my nephews are not here for this weekend. And man I am Bored and I miss them dearly.  My nephew seems to have misbehaved at school and as it seems nothing is as important to him and coming home for the weekend. So I am sad to say that I have become a reinforcing prize. =( behave in school and spend the whole weekend with your aunt exploring and learning and having a blast. Misbehave and your weekends are dull and no Tia ( Aunt) for you. Bummer what's a Kid to do.. well I hope he behaves because I will plea my case to him and let him know how horrible I felt being left alone and with broken plans for the weekend =D.

I am serious I clear my calendar for my Nephews, that's the only time I am able to see them so I make sure we have enough quality time to compensate for the whole week that just passed and the new week to come. So I pretty much have a Free Agenda. Well its going to rain so lets just chill at home. And Pray that this is enough to get the message across.

As harsh as it may seem I agree that when you misbehave there is a Prize to pay, I pray that he understands and that this doesn't happen again. Its hard on children when they are not being raised in a two parent household. And the parents need to agree and help each other specially in the discipline area of raising children. I personally do not advocate or believe in physically discipline, that doesn't work, no matter how much people try to convince themselves that it does. It doesn't I have seen the effects that type of parenting leaves on adult children and I would never allow that to happen to any children on my watch.  So the Psychologist in me prefers an alternative and we do Positive Reinforcers , I have showed my ex-sister in law how everything can be achieved with reinforcers, I have done so with my nephew since day one. But the problem is that he was used to me being the authority figure and what I say is Law. Now that he is living back with his mom, she needs to have that authority. So I have to do everything to help her achieve the goal. Even if it feels horrible, its for the best and I applaud her for not resorting to violence and instead is using reinforcers =D.

So as I sit here sans the nephews, mom and the Boy friend who works at night is catching up on some needed Zzz..Zzzzz. I will have to get creative. I have a lot of things I could write about and a lot of goodies that I have purchased that I could share my thoughts on, I only need to get this camera to work properly.

So I bid you farewell =) and I hope your weekends is brighter than mine. Such a Spoiled Cali Girl, I am complaining about the gloom =( I apologize for that.  May the Lord Bless you all abundantly and keep you all safe and may he Help Japan and Libya !

xoxoxo Liz


  1. I agree with positive reinforcement as well, much more effective then physical discipline. Hope you get the camera working soon so we can see the pics :).