Wednesday, December 29, 2010


As a Christmas gift I took my BF to dinner... LOL he loves being treated like a Prince =D.

Anyways he had been mentioning his desire to try this restaurant , because they serve certain dishes that you won't find in most places. The Restaurant is great, it is next to Santa Monica Airport and it has the best Lamb ever. I don't eat Lamb.. but their lamb.. I will definitely eat. But he mostly wanted to try the Scorpions and the Silk Worms. Yes, that is what he wanted so .. I made reservations for us and we set on trying something new.
So we started with some appetizers.. NO wait..let me tell you about the regular food first.

 They have wonderful Thai Food the Lamb like I said was awesome and it is served with these rectangular bread that seem to be a mix of croissants and rolls. The Lamb is cut is thin slices and it is mixed with some yummy spices and veggies.. this was my Favorite. We ordered a side of white rice and this was yummy.

It was delicious, will go back for some more... the Lamb was about $19

I also wanted to make sure I ate something that I liked so I ordered some Kung Pao shrimp ( I don't like Lamb so I was not planing  on eating Lamb)

The Shrimp were Ok,not what I expected they were good , but needed some veggies and some spiciness, it only had a whole bunch of Onions and Peanuts.. =(  
This was around $11.. skip it and get the Lamb =)

and We also ordered some Pai Thai Noodles which we didn't even touch and we took home.

Spicy Chile, always need this to make food better!

The following pictures might be a bit to much for some of you so "WARNING" .
Like I mentioned before he wanted to try something new and the main reason for going to dinner was to try the following plates.  
We ordered the Scorpions and the Silkworm plate. 

The scorpions were rather interesting, I didn't taste them since they were really small and super crunchy and were on top of a bread with Shrimp, I only tasted the shrimp , but I did feel the tail of it.. as I did not chew it properly.. it kinda scratched my throat.
Also 1 order is for 2 Small Scorpions..this was about $9- $11

and The Silk worms were as J described them rather nutty.. yup they were like peanut butter filled =D...I was avoiding tasting them , but he insisted and he seemed to like them so I said I would think about it.

 Proof that I had some.. LOL.. not my best picture, I look really tired =(..
and here is my J...looking at the Silk worms.. with those little eyes of his..

And I washed it all down with some Yummy and super tall glass of Thai Iced Tea.

The Food was good, the Service was great, the ambiance was calm and intimate and we had a blast. =D

So if you are interested in trying some of this yummy and interesting food, check them out ! We made reservations , but traffic was great so we made it there 1 hour before our reservation, but they were very kind and moved our reservation to 5:30 pm. Also thats the time the kitchen opens so plan acordingly.

Typhoon it is located next to the Santa Monica Airport 3221 Donald Douglas Loop South  Santa Monica, CA  90405

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

May You all have a  wonderful christmas.. may it be filled with Family, Love Joy and Happiness.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Birthday JD!!!

Today was my Friends Birthday so on Thursday we took her to Papa Cristos. For those of you  out side LA Papa Cristos is a Greek Restaurant and on Thursday Nights they Have a Feast Ala My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Except it is called My Big Fat Greek Family Feast. For those in LA the restaurant is located on 2771 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006 they are  located on the northeast corner of Pico and Normandie.

On the menu.. Lamb chops and Chicken , Potato, Green Beans Salad, Grape Leaf Wraps, Pita Bread, French Bread, Wine and the Yummiest Humus ever. Also after Dinner you have live entertainment, a Belly Dancer to go along with your Greek coffee and baklava. If you are interested in attending this Feast or trying Greek Food go check out their web site

so it was Jo's 50th Birthday and we wanted her to have fun. here are some Pictures first one is with Papa Cristos himself.. check out the mustache.
They gave her a Card and a California Lottery Scratcher

 The Appetizers
Yummy.. Humus.. this one is really Delicious
and the Wine.. not my cup of tea.. but fun to try

 Love the Salad with Dressing (TZATZIKI - yogurt cucumber dill sauce) thats' to die for
 More Appetizers
DOLMADES - grape leaves & rice , Olives and FETA Cheese
SPANAKOPITA - spinach and feta pie

 Main Course a combinations of Veggies
 Mmmm Love these 
 Chicken so soft 
 and of Course Lamb.. the main reason why the BF went
after  Dinner we drank Greek coffee and enjoyed the Belly Dancing

 and at the end all the birthday babies received a custard mini cup cake.. so cute

Happy birthday JO... Blessings to u and may this year be your year!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time for Giving...

The Holidays are here and it is a time for giving,  every year I try to do something special for someone in need, for the last couple of years I have taken part in distributing  bags filled with food and toiletries for the Runaways and the next year we focused on giving backpacks filled with goodies to the Gay and Lesbians youth of Hollywood and the Homeless with my friend Joanne. This year it was a hard year financially and we will not be able to give the Knapp sack to the runaways . So I was a bit disappointed but I really wanted to do something It's a Promise to myself to share what God has given me and try to do something special.

Luckily I was able to participate with my co-workers family. His cousins are going to Mexico to an Orphanage to take cheer and gifts to little Kids. So I  spent the last two days filling up 70 treat bags. I made them with lots of Love and I prayed while I filled them up and I asked the Lord to bless the kids who will receive the little bags. I know it's something small, but I hope that it cheers their heart and that they enjoy all the sweets that I am sending.  I wish I could do so much more, and I hope that one day I am able to make a big impact on someones life.  I would like to take this time to remind you that if there is something that you can do to make this Holiday a little bit better for someone, to please do it.

Its such a blessing and your heart fills up with so much joy.

Love Liz

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fun..Fun and more Fun

Hello every one and greeting from one of the most sunniest weekends in a very long time and I am in Los Angeles, so we have sunny days. But this weekend was weird.. it was summer time sunny weekend. Last week my nephews had their Holiday program and it was so adorable.. My niece sang the Blixon Boogie and my nephew sand one of my favorites from when Alvin used to sing it, Xmas don't be late.

and Yesterday we went to Universal Studios to see the Lighting of the Tree at Who vile.. yes they have the Grinch that Stole Christmas. I will post some pictures tomorrow. I just wanted to say Hope your weekend was a great one.. and may you all have a wonderful week.

Here are a Few Pictures from Universal
 this tree was so huge I wanted to get it all , but my nephews and Jo were already looking like ants, so I missed the star on top.
 My nephew loves Movies , so when he sees the Universal Studios logo he has to have it.. I was having such a hard time taking this picture.. People kept getting in front on me and messing up my pix.

 and King Kong was the main reason we were at the park anyways so on our way to the Theme Park we walk thru City walk and look who we found all ready for Xmas

This is for you Desperate Housewives Lovers.. do you recognize the houses.. Yes Wisteria Lane.

and then we saw the crashed airplane that appears in the movie War of the Worlds

and Finally we got to Skull Island.. these Pictures are not my greatest , but we were moving on that tram so I had to try my best to snap some Pictures.

and Who ville..

and the Reason Why I was there.. to see this baby lite.. but as always camera dies and I need to use my cell phone.. so as soon as I transfer my Pix to my computer  I will post the Pix of the tree in the night all shinny

anyways I had so much fun.. but I was tired we walked the whole day only stopped for Lunch at Wolfgang Puck big mistake.. LOL.... I enjoyed my food and so did my friend but my nephews ..hated the pizza.. it was the smelliest stinkiest pizza ever.. and they refused to eat it.. I don't blame was smelly, but i tried it.. once u get passed the aroma of the cheese  it was good.. I was headed to Pandas Express, but Jo wanted WP so we did.. never again, not with the kids at least.

According to eBay we have 13 more days till Xmas... yeah!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

DREAM Act news: With bill stalled in Senate, what happens next?

DREAM Act news: With bill stalled in Senate, what happens next?

I am paying close attention to this because it is a topic dear to my heart. I am a Citizen of this country, but I was not born here. I like hundreds of thousands of students, children and young men and women was brought to this country as a child by my mother. I understand that by her doing so, she was breaking the law. But my mother took the chance because she wanted to give me a Chance. A chance at a different life than hers. My mother and I were born in El Salvador, she lacked the opportunity to obtain and education because she was born in poverty and had to start to work at the age of 8 years old. At the age of 16 she found a job as a nanny and a cook in the homes of foreign diplomats. But after I was born in her late 20's she left her country and family and made the dangerous journey to the States where she worked as a house keeper for more than 30 years. She washed toilets and cleaned houses to give me a better life. At 63 her hands are damaged from the cleaning materials she used to clean the homes of many Americans.
Kind hearted people who had love and compassion and hired her because she was a good woman and they could trust her with their home. In the 80's when President Ronald Reagan passed the Immigration act, which made it illegal to hire illegal immigrants, he also gave an Amnesty to millions, of whom I was one of them. Thanks to that small window he opened I was able to become a legal resident and eventually a Citizen.

My mother worked 7 days a week and pride herself in providing for me food and shelter, she never received welfare, and she never applied for Medical, and always worked and payed her taxes. I was able to attend Public school , and I was so grateful to have that opportunity and I took the gift of knowledge that she and this country had given me and I ran with it.

I am now urging and sending emails to my Representatives and even opened a twitter account to follow the Senators who now hold the power to give an opportunity like the one I once received to many very well deserving children and young men and women. And above all I am Praying to He who is the King of Kings and who holds the earth in the Palm of his hands ,to touch the heart of those who hold the authority to pass this Dream Act.

I was brought here not by choice, but by choice I became a Citizen of this Nation and I am proud to call myself and American, I urge all to contact your representative and give some one like myself a chance to achieve their American Dream.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Danger...Hungry Farm Animals..

 I love this Picture, He had the most interesting eyes ever. I approached him and asked if I could take a picture and look he stood still and looked right at my camera. These are the pictures of our little adventure at a local petting farm.  It was not a planned visit we were driving by and my friend Jo spotted the little farm and decided to surprise us city kids with a little visit to this Pony and Animal Farm. So the 3 of us .. my nephews and myself  we were excited at the thought of seeing some live Farm Animals. My friend proceeds to buy 2 cups of food to feed the animals. Only we encountered a little problem, remember I said  "City Kids"  lol.. we have not been around any livestock such as the ones we were about to encounter and we did a couple of mistakes. =D

Mistake #1 Jo handed the cups of food to my nephew and niece.
Mistake #2 we allow them to walk in first and I was not aware that these goats are aggressive and will tackle you down for some food. So as I am approaching the entrance  I hear my nephew..Screaming "HELP!!! "they want to Eat ME!!!!" he is struggling to get away from the hungry goats, and  on the other side I see my niece trying to run away from the goats only to get corner by 4 goats.

I am freaking out.. Like I said we are city kids and  ignorant as to Farm Animals and their behavior. Joanne our resident New Hampshire Doll is also scared not because of the animals, but is trying to console my screaming and super terrified nephews who are convinced that the goats want to eat them. =D.. in reality the goats where aiming for the cups of food that that they were holding and to small children the goats are at eye level coming forward full speed ahead mouths all wide open and ready for some carrots and treats.  Once she realized that the food was the cause of the problem she knocked the food from the kids hands and the goats ran to eat. Leaving my nephews free to escape and that is exactly what my Nephew did .. He jammed right out of the pen and was not interested in going back in. Can you say TRAUMA!!! I felt horrible and so did Joanne, there she was trying to show us some cute farm animals and now here we have my nephew terrified to even look at the goats and refusing to go back in. 

Here is a Picture of My niece.. see her smile.. it is one filled with nerves.. she was on her way out also, but I managed to convince her to stop and take a picture and the goats left her alone.

One down 1 to go.. I am so grateful to the owner she was so understanding and managed to mention How God creates the animal and that they are our friends. To that D replies.. Oh.. they are our friends God made them for us to care for.. so she intelligently replies.. yes.. I have baby Piggy's do you want to see them? and he replied "OH NO!".. not back in there.. so she replies and tells him.. "No"  "I have a different way to in, away from the goats and you can see baby ducks".  He heard ducks and babies.. Yes let see.. and WHAM he is cure =( not really he still dislikes goats and does not want to feed them but at least she managed to get him back in the pen.

In the back of this picture you see my nephews legs, he is the one n the middle... he needed protection lol to go back in to see the ducks and piggy's.

Warning to all ... Farm Animals are great, but use caution when food and little kids are involved.. they will dash for the food and the kids will think they are rushing them.
 Anyways it was interesting and we got some cool picture.
This was a friendly goat.. she kept following me
Life Saving Ducks... Nephews Favorite

                                                   An Alpaca, we thought he was a Llama

He was my Favorite so fluffy.. a Lion Mane Bunny.

and an Emu.. we thought he was an Ostrich

and a Pot Belly Pig... we knew this one of the bat

Sunday, December 5, 2010

HAPPY Birthday!!

Its my BF birthday.. and I just want to say that I am grateful to God for letting me be a part of his life. As insane as we drive each other I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Birthday , May the Lord bless u abundantly and may your life be filled with Love, Joy, Happiness, Prosperity, Health and Abundance and may we celebrate many more birthdays.. Love You ...xoxox Liz

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Wish List and Ideas

So I always have a hard time when the holidays come around in the gift giving department.
I am a pretty simple girl.. I love Pink and Shiny things and I am not that picky..Ha ha ha lol.. but I have such a hard time finding the perfect gift for those I love.
So here are some ideas for you guys if you also experience the same dilemma that I do. I will list what I am planning on purchasing my family for Christmas.

1. Mom and Dad.. ha ha that is easy.. probably the most expensive gift on my list , but I have been saving and I will be using my Bonus if i get one to make this happen. I am making their house pretty and I have already changed the floor and foundation (installed and Paid for already) out with the old wood and in with the new. I am also going to get some new insulation installed and new kitchen cabinets and finally a new paint job for the inside and out side of their house. 

And lets not forget a Large Fruit Tarte ( their favorite) similar to these babies but a big 10"

Dollhouse Miniature Two Fruit Custard Tarts
2. Brother :  He likes Clothes , Movies and Cologne so I think I will just get him a Gift Card, those that can be used anywhere and he can choose what he likes.

3.Nephew:  He likes Science and Animals but has recently discovered Marvel and DC comics and the Love for Speed.. Speed racing that is .. so my BF and Brother will team up and buy  a Nintendo WII console.Wii Hardware Bundle - BlackOfficial Nintendo Wii Wheel

and a Pillow Pet..he wants this so bad, but doesn't know that its already in the Closet waiting to be wrapped.Plush Squeaky Dolphin New 2010 Pillow Pet Ball Large 18"

4. Niece : She is a girl for all seasons and loves everything from singing to sports to monkeys, but what  I think she really will love is a Razor Hello Kitty Scooter. My nephew has a little scooter and they fight for it.. she is a speed queen and will love this scooter.
Razor A Kick Scooter (Hello Kitty)Razor Aggressive Youth Multi-sport Helmet (Satin Pink)

and of course she also wants a Pillow pet.. yup its also in the closet waiting to be wrapped.My Pillow Pets Monkey 18"

5. The BF .. =( story of my life.. I have the hardest time with this gift, he is meticulous and I have such a  hard time finding something he likes. So I still need to think on this one. (Any advice and ideas will be greatly appreciated)

6. My Nephews Mom.. She is a Make up Junkie.. So can anyone say MAC . I purchased some LE Disney Venomous Villains and I got a few Dupes so she will be getting something from The Maleficent Collection.

***Also if any one is interested and would like to purchase any MAC venomous Villains please leave me a comment , I have the whole collection for sale.***