Friday, April 23, 2010


So I have been MIA for about a week.. been super busy and trying to deal with some drama in my life. Plus I have been working OT and on the weekends.. so you can imagine how tired I have been. As well as printing applications and asking myself " What am I supposed to do with my life "? If any one out there has the answer please let me know.. LOL!!!

Thought of the Today.. be happy and grateful for what you have , it can be worst..

Wish me Luck I am working on something at work and I pray that Monday I receive some great news..

Now enough with the serious stuff. last weekend I spent the day at the mall, went to SEPHORA.. can u believe I had a gift card that I received as a Xmas gift in 2008 and I had not used it.. So i used it and picked up the most adorable kabuki brush from TOKIDOKI..

Then I went with my friend Rosy to Bloomings... and MAC to get her MAC Attacked and she just became a Mac Makeup Junkie/ I tell u that is some hard work i put in..Then we went to see Clash of the Titans I love it!!

OHH Yeah and I got my new Cell I love it!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Man in the Mirror... Make that change !!

Happy Saturday .. every one. I am on my mini break ( I am at work) .. yes I know.. But I need the $$$$$$ so gotta work .. I am all alone and I am on a time Schedule.
Anyways.. I was just listening to my Favorite Song of all times.. and was inspired to write. If you are wondering which song it is.. It is " Man in the Mirror" by none other than Michael Jackson.

Growing up as a child we used to listen to his music and I remember being glued to the TV when ever he Performed.. One thing I regret is not being old enough to go see him Perform. He was captivating and the music spoke to my heart, I love many of his songs but two of them, are meaningful to me.

But a child I loved this song.. because it so uplifting and its so true.. If I want to make a change I have to start with the person I see every day in the mirror (Me).

and I guess that seeing images of children suffering and living in poverty through his videos inspired me to do something. I remember that through his music and video images I learned that the world is a great big place where change needs to be done and help needs to be given to many. Sometimes we get caught up with our selfish nature and we fail to see the greater picture.

anyways time to go back, just want to say be grateful for what GOD has given you, and share it with the world. xoxoox sending you all hugs and kisses and smiles.. have a blessed and happy weekend.

Ps.. I live in LA and very closed to the Staples Center so I was lucky enough to be able to go and leave a message for MJ on this Giant Board of Love..

sea =D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend here I come!!!

Hello beautiful people.. I am counting the hours till the week end arrives... waiting anxiously for my New phone.. its like not an IPhone, because after consideration and the fact that it has NO Insurance and I am not that careful , its best that i refrain from getting one, my brother already lost his first one. so i opted for a Samsung Impression.. looks like a sidekick and I had wanted the pink side kick for ever but it was outdated.. so this is the next best thing.. So excited looking to have a cute face plate for it and a mirror cover similar to the one Elle from
allthatgliters21 has on her iPhone.

Besides that I am waiting to sleep it a bit on Saturday and just have some Me time.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On Planning!!

Sitting here in front of my computer thinking.. thinking.. and wondering what the future holds. I think I need to stop worrying so much about the future and focus more on living today!!!

Its almost midnight and I am still up.. seems like my brain has its own mind and does not want me to sleep.. instead it keeps me up thinking random things.. like the FUTURE!!

something no one knows.. I might not even be here tomorrow.. and I am wasting my today worrying and planning for what may come.. or it may never come..

two weeks go or even a month ago I thought I had a plan.. and I thought it was going to work.. well as I sit here tonight.. I realize that no matter how much we try to plan, one thing is for sure the Future is never guaranteed..

well good night and may we all have a great tomorrow.. and an even better TODAY!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am a Rainbow Too !! Bob Marley techon Style ...

Listening to this song .. brings back sweet memory of when I used to work at MACY'S

Click here and enjoy

Yes I used to work at Macy's and I loved everything except the pay.. I was making peanuts..( Then again I was working as a part timer).. but I was saving so much on Clothes ( Employee 20% discount) .. and on everything for my home.

And I was having so much fun.. I would see and meet new people every day.. Now I am in the Corporate world caged in a cubicle with NO WINDOWS!! makes me want to say Macy's Here I come .
Sun is shinning, the weather is sweet.. make me wanna move your dancing feet..

I'm a rainbow too
To the rescue, here I am
Want you to know, y'all, can you understand?

To the rescue, here I am
Want you to know, y'all, can you understand?
[When the mornin´ gather the rainbow, Want you to know, I'm a rainbow too]

Enjoy your day.. and make good use of your time.. Tell people that you love them and make time to enjoy the Little things that Life has to Offer.. like the Sky and the sun , the birds and just live. And always remember to call and check in on your Parents and Siblings.. sometimes they need us and we might now know.. and its a good thing for them to know that you are there.

** Picture above is one of the Perks of Living in California sweet and beautiful Oceans and views like this one**

Love XoXox.. sea

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Sunday

Just wanted to wish you all a very blessed Easter. May you enjoy the day with all your loved ones.

As I mentioned before I attend church, and boy was I impressed today.. my whole church was packed even the second floor and the balcony.. I had to sit in the far corner , not my usual center row right in the middle, under neath the nice lights and the cool air conditioning vent. Instead I was in the far right on the corner.. but the view was excellent ( we have theater seating) so it was good location.

And I did not mind.. I really loved seeing all the members and the guests. We had a replica of the Tomb of Jesus and we had the opportunity to walk through it while offering prayers for our families. I had my Niece and Nephew with me.. they love the whole experience. They know that Easter is not only about the Easter Bunny.. don't get me wrong I love chocolate, but Easter to me is not about the Fluffy Easter Bunny, it's about Jesus and the Love he has for us.

Also Here in LA.. we had a sudden shake.. there was a 6.9 earthquake in Baja California may every one there be safe .. so that ruffled my Dad's Feathers.. I don't blame him.. Dad suffered a stroke in 2004 and he has his left side asleep.. so things like earthquakes worry him a bit since he is limited in mobility.. but I keep telling him he is safer inside our house than outside.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

On the Lies of Men..

As I sit here getting ready for bed.. I am asking myself why did God create men and women so different. Why is it so easy for a man to jump from relationship to relationship as if he was changing underwear?? How can a man give a woman a ring and ask her to be his bride and all of a sudden .. BOOOMM!!! now she is a SYcko Chick.. How can a man claim to love a woman for years and all of a sudden, on one of those frustrating days.. he tells her that he thinks she is a money hungry Witch and how everything under Gods' earth is wrong with her?

How is it possible for a man to tell a woman he loves her.. and have another woman on the side..

and the person who at one point was the best thing on earth.. all of a sudden is the person they detest.. All I have to say is that God has something better prepared for us all , and if you are so misfortune to meet up with one of these TOADS!!! don't give up... the Prince is somewhere near..

VALUE your self and Love your self.. Respect yourself and demand it from others.. if he is unable to see you for who you are and value you, then he is not the one for you.. Even if we want them to be.. reality is.. they are not.. Love should not be this complicated.. love and honor mean something.. respect and trust are the foundation of any relationship and if you don't have it.. walk away.. and wait on the right one who will give you that.

And if the person who you are with does not think that a ring or a wedding is important.. and unless you feel the same way.. it pretty much means he does not think you are worth the effort.. so Walk away..

Sometimes we get caught up in the pressure of society and see that all of our friends are getting married , so we want the same thing.. and we are so blinded to see that the person who we think is Mr. Right is in reality Mr. Wrong..

Its 2010.. and all I can say is that If I want a house I can work for it, if I want a car .. I can get one.. If you want a baby.. you can even adopt one.. so why do We need Husbands.. we need them for companionship.. for friendship, for emotional support ( not Financial).. and if the man you are with dislikes everything about you, they way you smile, your personality, the way you speak, your facial expressions, and thinks you want too much and compares you with others, then walk on by and kiss him good bye.. you don't need that type of person in your life. Because the truth of the matter is that he does not Love or Even like you.. he is used to you and maybe in love with your physical appearance.. but doe not love you for who you are.

Love accepts and likes our imperfections.. Love appreciates and does not make you feel worthless, love loves you for who you are and make you a better person.. Love does not make you doubt yourself and it does not make you ashame of who you are, your likes, dislikes, dreams, hopes beliefs, love does not judge and love does not give you stress, it does not make you walk in egg shells, it lifts you up and lets you fly.. if your love does not do this for you.. then its not Love, and you are dealing with a Toad... gotta walk on by

love xoxoxo sea

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday!!!

Blessings to all of you on this Good Friday..   I  am enjoying my days off.. did not do what I had planned to .. due to a Person changing their  mind, but Still managed to enjoy myself.. I was able to go to church and participate on some of our Activities.
Wednesday Washing of the Feet.. will post Pix  later.

Thursday.. Family blessing 
and Good Friday .. participating of the breaking of bread
still have Easter Sunday to go.

I am sitting typing this.. ironically because my Little nephew( who just turned 8 ) was on line and mistakenly attempted to clean my Mac monitor with a paper that had Gum on it.. so YES!!! I had one of those OMG!! moments.. but I managed to clean it.. I am just writing this to kill time so that he understands the magnitude of his transgression ( if i clean it fast he would think it was not a big deal)  He must learn to be responsible and consequences.. 

Also since I did not go out of Town ... for my mini vacation.. I used some of the Money on the MAc Counter ( mini haul).. will post pictures, this weekend.

Going to eat dinners.. My mom made the best fish ever... Yum  Blessings to all