Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun in the Sun (well not really)

Hello and I am so sorry for the delay.. But I went to Universal Studios with the boyfriend on Thursday.. after he apologized for the church misunderstanding. Anyways it was a good day to go, since we were expecting rain, we thought Universal will be empty. But It wasn't, every one from Southern California with the exception of yours truly were either at work or at home trying to stay dry. But every one else from other states and countries were full force at Universal with backpacks and cameras on tow.

I had such a great time, the last couple of times that I have been to Universal Studios I went with my nephews and my 50 year old friend, who is petrified of scary rides or anything that makes sudden moves or jolts. The last time she didn't even want to go to The Simpson's  ride so my nephews were not happy. But yesterday we went solo.. and our goal was to get to the ride that I had not been able to. On the list the Mummy Ride, Jurassic Park Ride, The Simpson's, T2 , King Kong, The House of Horrors. We were able to get in to all of them, and they were sure fun. The Lines were shorter than before and we made it thru the day with out the rain pouring down on us.

We grabbed one of Tommy's Chili Cheeseburgers for Lunch, and we ate before going into the Park so we could walk off the calories.  I m so glad we did  that, because we walked the entire day. We saw almost all the character from Count Dracula, to Frankenstein and Marylin Monroe in her pink ride and The Simpson and Kinky Sponge Bob. I really don't think Sponge Bob is a good show for Kids, he is in my opinion a little strange lol.. and the person dressed up as Sponge Bob played him true to form

We had to go to the lower lot to get on Jurassic Park and OMG!!! on our way back to the upper lot we decided to take the stairs instead of the escalators.. and man I was about to die  my legs felt super heavy and after the second set my heart was about to jump out of my mouth.

We grabbed some Water and found the closest empty bench and just sat well I sat JZ laid on it trying to catch our breath. After about 10 minutes we were able to put our hearts back inside and continued on our adventure into the House of Horror. I knew what to expect but he didn't and he was caught of guard a couple of times.  I think overall we enjoyed the Simpson's Ride and Jurassic Park the most. The park closed at 6:00 pm so after we did all the rounds we headed back to City Walk and had Bubba Gump for Dinner. I love that place specially the Forest Gump Trivia and I especially love the seafood. And on our way to the car we stopped by Cinnabon and picked some treats for the our moms.

I was so glad we went, because I am going back to work on Monday, so I at least had some fun before going back.

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