Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fire Drill

Today we are having our Buildings Fire Drill.. I work on the 23rd floor of a building that has 44 Floors.. so we are doing a whole day of fire drills.. they can be so annoying.. and we asked why is it that if its a fire instead of evacuating the building we just need to walk down 14 of 15 flights of stairs??

I guess its to make it easy for the fire fighters to come and get us after the fire has consumed the building.. they only have to search specific floors...who knows

But in all seriousness when something does happen it won't be this well planned and executed. It pretty much will be every person for themselves.

gotta go I am on Fire duty..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ribbons 4 Sale on Ebay

Hello!! fellow Princesses
I wanted to share some pictures of some of
my Ribbons that I will be having up for sale on
my Ebay Account. If you would like some
really Cute Bows Please come visit. I have
more colors , and I guarantee you will love
them. Let me know and I will give you the link.

Thoughtful *&*

As I sit here in my small prison away from my loved ones and away from the sunlight . I ponder the real meaning of life and I ask myself what is the meaning of life? Are we really meant to live it the way we do? for example what about the person who works 40 Plus hours a week and has no time left for a social life or for Family. What happens to family time.. Is that a term of yesteryear's? Does it still exist in this day and age? We are living in a time where we don't have to move to see our loved ones.. all you have to do is send a text, twitter, or blog about your life. But we still can't make time to see them face to face and just be there with them letting time pass us by . LOL.. As you can see I am on one of those thoughtful days when I ponder the true meaning of life. Some of us work hard to provide a pretty good life for our loved ones, but in the process we cheat them out of the most valuable gift we can give them, TIME.
yesterday I worked to give you a better today, Today I work to give you a better tomorrow.. tomorrow comes and I work to give you a better after tomorrow.. but when will I stop to work to be able to enjoy you today.. so that tomorrow when you or I are gone I will have no regrets.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Hello =) .. I am so happy it is the weekend.. I am so ready to get out of work.... I know its early in the day but I wanna go to home or at least out side and breath some fresh air.

Sometimes I wish I was not a responsible person, =) ha Ha .. If it were up to me I would be a Beach Bum.. live by the code of the waves.. wake up get in the water , lunch time be in the water night time sleep by the water. But alas poor Yorik.. I am too responsible to just leave everything behind and become a beach bum.. maybe I will have better luck with my other option .. Vampire.. eternal youth and eternal Life..

As you can see I am out there today see I feel like a vampire rarely get the rays of the sun.. and I so much miss my clouds..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Study Time

Hello.. I have been extremely busy.. as I mentioned in my earlier blog , I just graduated from CSUDH and I needed to decide what to do next.  Well I tried taking some time off but the nerd in me is not happy =( starting tomorrow, I begin my Study sections for the LSAT and the Graduate Entrance Exam (Psychology) . Praying that it all goes well and that I make the right choice. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mac Haul!!!

Sorry I had not posted anything..Wed I took a day of from work for sanity and to take my Nephew to his First day in 1st grade , then I spend the day in the outdoors=0) .. Yeah and I love it. and yesterday we were busy at work..=(.

But let me tell you about Wednesday, after I took D to school , I had a date with MAC . This was my very first Mac Haul and I loved it. See I had gotten a gift card for Christmas from my B-Friend ( he accidentally broke my Channel Compact and decided to replace it with a Mac Card). And I did not have time to make it to the Store to choose my Items. YES!!! can you believe it , 9 months with a Mac Gift Card.. the insanity =).

He said the Gift card was to be used for Eye shadows. He had also bought me a 12 shadow Pallet and I was supposed to use the Gift card to fill it up. But I did not find colors that I liked (actually that I did not have anything close to ) . So I only bought 7 eye shadows. and I used the rest to get some other goodies.

1. Mineralized Skin finish
2. Mineralize Blush - Gleeful
3. Lip Glass - Cult Fave
4. Kohl Pencil - Smolder
5. Paint Pot- Indianwood
6. Eye Brow Pencil - Spiked
7. Courdoroy
8. Phloof
9. Goldmine
10. Shadowy Lady
11. Nocturnell
12. Contrast
13. Sushi flower
14. Kitschmas
15. Plushglass - FullFilled

Ps. If there is anything that you guys think is a Mac must have please let me know..I really liked this Pigment called Pink Pearl, but they had sold out of it.. so I am waiting for it. Like I said this was my First time trying their makke up , I used Channel and I loved it, so I am not that knowledgeable as some of you out there.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Just got back from watching the Hayao Miyazaki Film "Ponyo". I loved it I am a huge Miyazaki Fan, if you have not seen any of his movies I highly recommend the following;and they can be found here

  • Princess Mononoke
  • Kiki's Delivery Service
  • Castle in the Sky
  • Whisper of the Heart
  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
  • Spirited Away

    His movies are amazing and they are all about "Girl Power" , his main characters are almost , always young girls who overcome obstacles and realize how strong they are inside. They manage to survive the obstacles and become  Heroines.  I love all of  his movies, such a gifted man and they speak to me, I become the characters and learn from them.  And with my nephews help, he easily identifies me as the characters in each of the movies, so  I am Kiki and he is my side kick black cat, I am Sophie and he is the magicians apprentice. when you see these movies you are transported to a dream like place and become part of the story. As you can tell I LOVE HAYAO MIYAZAKI!!!
  • Legally Blond the Musical

    I  am sorry I was not able to enter any new posts.. Have been super busy at work..=(

    But Yesterday I was invited by one of my friends to go see Legally Blond, The Musical at The Pantages  Theater . All I can say was that I loved It... Unfortunately the use of Video and Cameras was strictly Prohibited.  Never the less I had a blast.  

    Best of all we had really good seats at a fraction of a cost. Apparently when the shows are not getting sold out, you have the opportunity to purchase tickets at reduced rates two hours prior to scheduled show time.. so we were lucky and got to seat in the $95 section and only paid $25. 

    Thanks to the nice gentleman who told us this on Wednesday.. we saved some money. 

    Thursday, September 3, 2009

    Wish the week was over !!!

    I am taking a break away from the solitude of work.. I can only say "I can't wait till the week is over!!!"

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    Liz On WEIGHT!!!!

    So I am so tired today, I went to the gym last night all on my own and was determined to hold on for at least 30 minutes, Yes I was being lazy. But as soon as I hit the one mile marker the competitor in me kicked in and I told my self do one more.. and I got to 2 miles.. then i told myself you still have 8 more minute.. go one more.. and so I did.

    This mind over body game went on till I had completed one hour on the elliptical and after 6 miles , I was done and satisfied.

    As you can see I am on a weight loss Journey and I am taking NO Prisoners. I have to drop 20 more pounds.

    So let me tell you my Story, Love, Stress, Work (Office Work) and No exercise can all do a mean and big number on your waistline. And So I went from being a 103 - 115 lb Taekwondo competitor.. to a 120 Lb Macy's sales Associate to a 135lb +++ file clerk.. and from there it all went to hell.

    so last year around my B-day , I gave myself the best gift ever a membership to the Gym. And I have been going religiously to work out. Had a couple of road blocks .. Last year 3 months after starting I fell on my butt and fracture my tail bone. So it took me out for about a month and I gained what little I had lost..

    But Now I am finally seeing results.. and boy does it feel good.
    I have documented my self through the process and I can finally see my old body (pre weight) emerging from underneath the layers of fat.

    My clothes are fitting me loosely and I have to keep going. See its not about size, its about how good you feel about your self and I was not feeling good =(.. felt embarrassed all I would hear was "Oh My God you gained weight" or "don't gain any More weight" . What made it worst was that it was coming from people who were not Skinny or fit , but they had the nerve to criticize.

    So I am regaining control of my body and I am going back to a good weight for my height. And I feel good about myself.

    Along the way I learned that people can be mean and treat you differently just by your weight.. so sad.