Friday, March 18, 2011

Fitness Haul

So as part of my physical therapy I need to move and break a sweat. So today I went to Walmart with my Bfriend. To pick up some goodies to help me as my nephew says NEXERCISE.

I had to get one of those huge Exercise Body  balls Blue 65 cm Puncture Resistant Exercise Ball with Hand Pump
 I got this one from Golds Gym  but  in Red 65 CM EXERCISE BODY BALL with Pump. I know you might be asking why didn't you get a Pink one? Well I already have a beautiful Pink one, but my mom doesn't remember where she put it when she was cleaning. She has a bad habit of making things disappear, specially my stuff.

I also needed something to help me stretch so I picked up a set which came with  2 of these bricks and aGaiam Forest Green Yoga Blocka yoga strap.

And I already had a Jump Rope, but of course my mother put it somewhere, so I had to buy one also Gold's Gym 3 in 1 Jump Rope but these do wonders.

I was using an actual rope all week but I saw one similar to this one and I decided to get it. So as you can see I am going to be having some fun with these little babies.

 And there was one more thing I really wanted but they did not have the one I wanted.
 It is a Kettlebell Weight GoFit Kettlebell with DVD - Pink (7 lbs.) and yes I was looking for a Pink one, but the did not have it.  And this one is just 7Lbs and I wanted a 10 lbs or a 15 lbs one. I will keep looking, I think I saw a pink one at a store near my work. I will post some Pictures of my goodies at work, and I pray they help me get back to normal.

Well its finally time to go sleep.. I am finally feeling sleepy.. so I say Good Night WOW.. its really late this whole time change has done a number on my sleep schedule.

be safe xoxox Liz

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