Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ok So if you have read the previous post you will see that I had a pain all over my upper back/ shoulders/ arms and wrist.. man I was dying with pain. I had been feeling like this for a couple of months and I just attributed to work and soreness. And I took it as part of the consequences of working and using my arms repetitively through out the day. But the last couple of months it got out of hand. I was no longer able to sleep in the night and the pain would not go away. And i tried all the home remedies available, hot patches , cold patches, Icy Hot, Bengay, Arnica and massages and stretches and all that I could think of and it just would not go away. I would even ask for a day off here and there to rest and still it did not work.
Finally when the new year came I was excited because I had insurance and I was going to go to the doctor and check out my dilemma, well the Doctor didn't have any free time to see me and I needed to wait for about 1 week and a half. So I decided to go to the nearest doctor to y home and on the very first visit, I was given a Cortisone shot in 3 different places and put on Anti Inflammatory and Muscle Relaxer and on a Week off form work with the restriction of NO use of right hand/arm. It turns out that I  have an Acute  Shoulder Sprain and some major inflammation and a whole bunch of technical words that I still don't know.. since I was not able to use my computer to google what they were.

WOW.. I was bad but I did not know I was this bad.. so learn form me and never ever wait too long to go get checked. That was on January 14, 2011 and Its March 03 2011 and I am barely feeling relief. I am so grateful to the Doctor that treated me, he went full force Rambo on my ailments and did everything he could to fix the problem.

I went to Physical therapy for 2 weeks, I honestly think I needed more, He said he felt some knots in places that didn't even have muscles so my tendons and ligaments were all messed up. My Therapist said I needed at least 4 more weeks, but this was no longer my call and we have to follow the rules, and do as the Doctor prescribes. So instead of more Therapy I was referred to an Orthopedic Doctor who has me on Home Therapy which includes stretching and exercise . And I am finally able to use my arm and hands =) not at 100% but maybe around 70% which is still good. I was so relieved I did not was afraid that I might end up having this for ever =(.

I am working on the last bit of pain that I am feeling which is coming from the back on my neck and shoulder blades and I am concerned with my wrists and the pain that I get from them making it hard to do the things that  I love without some kind of discomfort. But as they keep telling me.. this will take time and slowly I am getting better. My life was on hold for the last 2 months I was on some strong meds that made me sleepy all the time and the pain was unbearable. At the worst point I even wanted to get rid of my right arm.. the pain was too much to take. So there was nothing to do .. but rest and rest and sleep and GOD I am so grateful I was able to do so.. because my poor little body was screaming for some TLC.

I miss my Job and my co workers and getting out of the house, but I specially miss doing things with out feeling any pain. So I have a little bit more to go and I am praying to be back to at least 80 - 90% soon.. but so hoping to get to 100%.

Time for My Therapy =) ... hope all is well and keep safe and take care of your self.. I learned to appreciate everything that we have.. temporary  loosing the use of my arm made me realize how much we take things for granted and how grateful we should all be and thank God for what we have and our bodies, even if we think they are not perfect, they make our life easier to bear. Just not being able to use my right hand was so hard, I was limited on the things that  I could do , simple tasks as brushing my hair and my teeth and taking a bath were so hard to do.

That's why I am on a Missing to get my body back to the way God made it.. Perfect without any pain.

Ps.. Don't forget to take time off  for Recess..  =) , we all need to play and move a bit to keep healthy. Also stretch your hands after  you blog and write a lot.

 I used this Putty in my Physical Therapy and
 I m going to get some for my home to use daily and exercise my hands. Thera-Flex Therapy Putty - 1 lb - Red - Medium-Soft Resistance

They feel so good after you mold this putty around and so relaxed. Gotta go.. need to rest my wrist and stretch them out.

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