Monday, March 21, 2011

Sun...Come back soon!

Greetings from what used to be Sunny California... Its Gloomy Ville now. Luckily the rain has stopped for a bit and it's giving the kids enough time to get home. I live next to my old Elementary School, so I hear all the rowdy little kids tormenting my dog as they pass by my gate.  I used to Love rainy days and I specially like walking home under the rain we used to have a blast.  Jumping on Puddles of water and running underneath the little streams of water from the roof tops.

I am resting up a bit and I feel like Edward Scissor hands with these stupid wrist supports. You guys can't imagine how badly I miss work.  Sad as it may sound..=) I am a creature of habit and I also miss the gym and my friends from work.

My Step-Dad is funny... he keeps saying that all these weather and dark clouds are all being caused by the radiation from Japan and from the bombings in Libya. He really dislikes the rain and is used to taking his poison breaks (cigarettes ) thru out the day and when it rains he can't get out . Why you might ask, well about 6 years ago he suffered a Brain Aneurysm , a Stroke and that left him partially paralyzed. He lost control of his left side. So walking is a struggle let alone on wet payment. Needless to say when a smoker doesn't get his or her fix, they are grouchy and can drive you insane.

So he is glad that the rain let out for a bit and he has taken his breaks already, he doesn't understand how bad that is for him, but what else can you do. I am taking advantage of the rain and I am resting, this might be my last week off work, and next week I might have to get up bright and early.

Got to do PT will be back soon

xoxoxo Liz

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