Monday, September 27, 2010

Mac Disney Villains are available .. On- LINE.. Now

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TO turn the other cheek

I have been raised with the understanding that GOD is above us.  And I have been taught to let God be the one who does Justice for you. I have been taught that when someone harms you, you need to forgive them. I have been taught that God delights in a humble heart and exalts you when everyone puts you down. I have been taught that God loves it when we humble ourselves to him and when we do not elevate ourselves above others.

I Have been taught all of this and all my life I have believed that by doing this.. I would be pleasing God and that he would be pleased. But I sit here and I am not going to lie to you, myself and specially GOD.. I am tired of always being the one who turns the other cheek. And I am tired of people putting me down.. I am tired of people thinking that my humility (which is strictly to please GOD) is a weakness and to them its stupidity and not humility.

 I for one.. am thank full that I do have that respect torwards God and that I choose to obey his command, and I patiently await for him to do Justice.

All I want is for those who think that they are better than  others to learn that their arrogance will be their greatest downfall. That sooner than later the ones whom they step on and ridicule and think as being inferior will be the heads. That being humble and obedient is not the same as being stupid.

And that Lies and actions have a way of always coming to light and woe to those who lie and makes false statements and accuse a person.. don't forget that while you point with one finger .. three fingers are pointing back at you..

Honor and Glory to the Lord may he take command of the injustices that are taking place every day and may he shine his mercyful glory on us, and deliver us from those who oppress us.

In faith and with love

Counting the Days.....

I am eagerly awaiting the unveiling and the Release day for the DISNEY MAC Villain Collection. According to sources it will hit MAC counters on Sept. 30, 2010. But should be available on-line as early as the 27th or 28th...

on a Side Note today is Sept. 15, 2010 and MAC/ Rodarte collection would have been avaiable..MMM....

back to the villains.. I am so restless.. every one seems to think that this collectyion will sale out in as short as 20 Minutes.. =(... like Hello Kitty Collection...

I was still left with wanting some.. and Puff all was gone and all I could say was MEOW!!! =(..

So I will try my hardest to get my hands on at least these 2 items..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MAC/ Disney Villains..

I am so excited to get this new MAC/ Disney Collections.. I am so loving the mineralized eye shadows.. and the packaging.. So so cute... I love the Maleficent Collection , but I really want to get at least one from each character..

what about you guys.. which one are you interested in ? and which one will u pass on?

long weekend... COME BACK!!

Hello every one.. I have been busy with Moms birthday.. we has a whole lot of fun.. And we even had a great long well rested weekend.. My nephew loss his Front Baby tooth last night.. and was excited to see the tooth fairy and see what he was going to leave for him.. Long gone are the $1 a tooth day. Now inflation and with the advancement of Children's intelligence.. we have to pull more dollars for the tooth fairy. My Nephew said.. this tooth is Big.. I think I am getting $5 dollars for it.. LOL.. and yes you guess it .. the tooth fairy was feeling giving and left him a fresh $5 bill.

To make matters more interesting the little sister was sitting there looking at the Space where the tooth used to be and the $5 and I knew what was going on in her brain.. MMM.. tooth = cash. lets see how long it lasts before she starts saying that one of her teeth is loose.