Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rodarte / MAC / Juarez-- NOT a good Combination

As many of you might have heard that MAC is going to change the names to their up coming Collection which was a collaboration between MAC and Rodarte (better know as Kate and Laura Mulleavy) which is set to be released on 09/15/2010.

many may not understand the problem and may also ask themselves " what's the Big deal"?

Let me help you understand why this was not such a great Idea. Ciudad Juarez is a city were over the last decade more than 400 women specially young factory workers (from the ages of 12-22 years of age) have been murdered, victims of FEMICIDE, rape, torture. A ghostly town were even the name Juarez evokes fear in me and I am no where near there.

If you really would like to know more Google OR go to Wikipedia and type in Juarez, Murder, Women or read these articles.

You would think that more thought would go into the creations of certain products. Specially products that are marketed to young women. Guess someone dropped the ball on this one. I can understand the Rodarte's lack of intelligence..or their eagerness to make a name for themselves at all costs, But MAC.. really they have been around for ages and ESTEE LAUDER. it's mother brand?? How could this slip by you??

If anyone actually looked past their comfort zone and actually cared about what going on right behind their back yard, they would have known that "JUAREZ" was not such a good idea. Some how a town know mostly for deaths and rapes of Women.. would not be such a great choice for me to get inspiration. Specially one that is so ghostly.. Next time do some research and think before leaping.

Both Mac and Rodarte or the creators Kate and Laura Mulleavy, should have done some Due Diligence.. RESEARCH.. or did they think that it was going to be a cool thing to do, to name make up products with names that evoke death?

Even "Quinceanera".. a blush set to be release as part of this collection ,as pretty as it may be..out of respect for the many Girls that were murdered before they reached their 15th Birthday or "Quinceanera".. I would not be able to buy it.

And take a look at their Promo Picture.. La Sombra de Muerte... She looks like death is creeping on her.

A Blush named "DRIFTING"..another one name "Ghost town" and many other names such as "factory," and "Juarez". Yes really disappointing, this campaign as well as RODARTES Fall 2010 Clothing Collection is missing a Sensitivity Chip.

And for the many that still don't see what's wrong with this, lets take this into account. I for one think that the Makeup Colors and products are beautiful, but the Inspiration and the Names are all WRONG!!..and the story behind the concept.. really a road trip through Texas?? And U mean to tell me they missed the Pink Crosses or the black crosses painted on light poles in and around Juarez in Memory of the victims??

I wonder how it would look if someone decided to take a road trip to Poland and the Auschwitz concentration camp and out of that they were inspired by what they saw.. wonder if any one would want to buy products named and inspired after that. Of COURSE NOT!!.. that is exactly what RODARTE is Doing. Inspiration.. call it CASHING in.. on the sorrow of others and I see Nothing ROMANTIC about death, Murder, Rape or Torture.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Love ... by SIA

OMG!! I am on love with this song.. I watched Eclipse and I loved the part where Edward proposes to Bella and this song is playing in the back ground such a Romantic moment.. all I can say is that I love this song and I keep playing it over and Over.. it's the song playing on my Ipod right now.. so enjoy.. I hope we can all experience real Love in our life.. the type that loves unconditionally, the type that makes us be better that before , the one that sees with the heart and loves for ever..

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gloomy Monday

Hello every one and I hope u are all having a wonderful day... I am taking a small break and wanted to write.. i feel Gloomy today.. and I wish I was some place else other than in a cubicle. Anyways.. I had a pretty good weekend. I slept and slept, and I spend Saturday with my mom.. we went to MACY'S and she found a cute sweater. Then we walked around Downtown and ate Ice Cream.. yummy.. THRIFTY ice cream.. they said its been around for Ages.

I went to Church and I had a wonderful time, and then I saw the new twilight Saga: Eclipse. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the movie. Then I spent the evening watching Old Movies.. saw 500 days of Summer.. I love that Movie.. if you have not seen it yet. go and get it.

well gotta go Break is over.. Oh the picture is of me and my Nephew.. LOL.. we love to play make believe.. I am a Panda and he is A Lion.. its from a Curious George board game..

xoxox be safe and have a great day.. focus on the good things that you have and It will make the day go faster.. mmmm... I work I get Paid.. yeah that's a good one.. HA hAhA ..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

staring at the sun...

I am looking at the picture that I am using on my Blog and I can only say WOW!!!!.. the wonders that God has created never cease to amaze me..

My Nephew asked me the other day what was the thing that I like the most in the entire world? When he saw that I was taking to long he said "OKAY!" what animal do u like the most out of all that Jesus Created.

So I said.. Me, YOU... he looked at me with those huge brown eyes and gave me the look , as if he was trying to not feel sad for me.. for not seeing how great a Blue whale is or his favorite the Killer Whale.And trying to understand why I had chosen to say Us.

But I proceeded to explain to him.. how wonderful I thought he was.. How God created him PERFECT. How our Creator made us so wonderfully equipped with skin that feels and touches, but keeps us all together, How he gave us a wonderful pair of eyes so that we can see the world, colors, the sky our loved ones. How we are the best machines ever with our brains and our hands and our ability to think, how we have a heart that lets us love, how it allows us to feel empathy and care for others even if we don't know them. How our legs carry us every where and how the blood that he put in us cannot be replicated , how we are the most wonderful machine ever created with living organs that keep us alive.

He then grinned as only he can and gave me the "I get It " look and a head nod.. he finally understood how we were the greatest thing that GOD has ever created and how valuable we are to him and how special we are.

PS.. He loves whaleas and sea life.. I love Jelly fish.. I want one .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My 100th Post...Rigths/ Freedom/ Equality

I had been wanting to post something for the entire week.. but I wanted to make it an extra Special Post , since it will be my 100th Post.

This week unconsciously I have been watching videos that show the trials and tribulations that women have to deal with around the world. On the weekend I saw a Documentary called "The Burqa Battle" on the French government's steps to ban the use of burqas.

And yesterday I saw a movie titled "The Stoning", about an American woman in Iran who gets rape and eventually is stoned to Death for Adultery. Anyways after seeing both of these movies, I could only say how grateful I am to be living in this country. I was thinking about all the freedoms that we women have and that we take for granted.

We have the choice to decide to wear what ever we want and go where ever we want and not fear being beaten and stoned to death. How a woman in the States has the right to speak her mind, to choose who she will marry, to be free to enjoy her sexuality, has the ability to earn a living and own property. How we are able to get an education and become successful doctors, lawyers, teachers or what ever we might want to become. How our parents would never think of hurting us for choosing to marry a boy/man outside our own race, color religion.

And just right now reading THE UK TIMES ONLINE I came up with the following story (The picture is also from same site.

Iran backs down over stoning execution (Martin Fletcher July 8 2010 5:42PM)

Iran has backed down in the face of rising outrage and announced that a woman convicted of alleged adultery will be spared execution by stoning. But it is not clear if Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani will be executed by hanging.

To read the full story please visit FOX

and all I could say was WOW!! I had just watched a movie about this yesterday and I had not seen the real story in the news. I for one don't mean to disrespect any ones religious beliefs or ideology, but I do believe that we are all created equal and that we all have civil liberties and right that NO ONE has the right to take away from us. That both men and women are equal that one is not better than the other and that GOD is the only one that can judge us. That we are all sinners and that we have No right to declare someone unworthy of life. That women as the agents that brings life into this world should be respected and love, that No man should impose his barbaric and small minded ideals on one particular group. And that as Citizens of this Earth we should all raise our voices and Call for a STOP to all these Human rights Violations that are occurring to women every where.

I am so grateful to be free and to live in this Nation, I am grateful that my Mother, Aunts, Cousins and Nieces and all My female friends do not have to worry about being persecuted and punished like these women.

But I am also sadden to know that there are millions of women around the world that are being mistreated, murdered, raped, and dehumanized.

I am sadden to live in a world that still views and treats women and 10th class citizens and how in some countries even animals have more rigths than they do.
I can only Hope for a Better tomorrow, but this can only be achieved if those of us today take a stand and vow to make a different tomorrow.

I would like for all of us to take a minute out of our own lives to try to help those who can't help themselves, Lets get educated and lets make our voices be heard.

Please visit Amnesty International and get informed and get Involved.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Need new Camera

I love taking pictures, but my current camera.. is going.. going.. gone..
I need to find a new one, I originally wanted the Cannon Power shot, but My BF gave me a Samsung for my graduation gift. Now after a year it needs to be replaced. I am thinking a Pink Canon..if there is one and if there isn't... I will be happy with this one..

1 GOAL,, Education for All!!!

Hello every one , I have just joined 1Goal a foundation sponsored by FIFA and many Artist that supports and is determined to provide education for all. I joined and sent a Yellow card to be delivered to world Leaders urging a commitment to Provide quality Education to all the children in the world. You can join this movement by signing up and sending the leaders a Yellow Card on behalf of the millions of little children who live in poverty stricken countries who might not have an opportunity to obtain an Education. We all have DREAMS and we all deserve the Opportunity to make them a Reality.. Education and Proper Nutrition at an early start is the Key.

Please visit their web site and take a couple of minutes to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged kids who need us to ensure that they have an opportunity to have a respectable life. Away from crime and poverty, this can only be achieved by providing every one EDUCATION!!

"All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual". Albert Einstein

Friday, July 2, 2010

Katie Piper .. Survivor, such an Inspiration

Piper first told her story in a British television documentary, "My Beautiful Face," which she said gave her the platform to rebuild her life. She hopes to inspire others and wants to help other burn victims receive the same extensive rehab that she did. (Courtesy Mohammad A Jawad)

Hello everyone.. maybe you don't know who Katie Piper is , so let me tell you a bit about her, also her story can be seen on ABC's 20/20 as Elizabeth Vargas interviews her and her parents in a special that will air Friday 07/02/10 at 10pm/9pm Eastern standard time.

Katie was a former model and aspiring Television presenter on an unfortunate day as she exited an Internet Cafe, she was attacked by a complete stranger holding a what according to her Look like a Coffee cup threw Sulfuric Acid on her face. According to her the pain was so devastating she felt like her face was on fire. Sadly this attacked was traced back to her Boyfriend , who hired a young man to do this to her.

If you want to learn more please go to ABC News -- follow this link --- >

I am so very sorry for her and the damage that was done to her face, but after listening to her story and watching the clips of the Interviews with Elizabeth Vargas, I can still see both the Physical and Internal beauty that lies in her. I am so happy that she was able to become a survivor and no longer a Victim, and that her story will inspire many of us . So that we might learn the true value of Beauty.
I really hope that she achieves her dream of being a television presenter. She has a multitude of qualities that young women can benefit from learning from her. She is Strong and Has faith and is a Survivor, she learned how to love herself even if the Lovely faced she was born with was no longer there, and I am so happy that she has made a full recovery and maybe to some people the scars in her face are not pretty, But to me.. Katie "I want you to know that the scars on your face are invisible and I see the beautiful woman that God created you to be".. You INSPIRE me and you let your inner Beauty shine. I wish that your story can teach all girls/women to love themselves.


Independence Day -- Happy 4th of July!!

just wanted to take a minute to wish you all a Happy 4th Of July.. may it be filled with Lots of fun for you and ur loved ones.. And May God bless this Nation. May he guide those in charge , may the War end soon and may all the families of all our military Personnel finally be together. I want to Thank all the Men and Women of the Armed forces.. Thank you for all that you do and the sacrifice you make every day.
May the Lord bless you and Keep you all safe.

Also I love this little Precious Moment Figurine.. if anyone is interested in purchasing him or another figurine go to this web site .

Blessing to every one..

Burka war

I saw this really interesting Documentary on France and the governemnts banning on Burkas. According to French President Nicolas Sarkozy

It ( the burka) will not be welcome on French soil. We cannot accept, in our country, women imprisoned behind a mesh, cut off from society, deprived of all identity. That is not the French republic's idea of women's dignity.

Happy 4th of July!!!

May You all have a great weekend, please be safe and extra cautious with those nosit Fireworks..