Monday, May 30, 2011

Awesome Long weekend with Cactus and the Beach!!

On the importance of Family... As a child I remember always wanting a large family. I always longed for older brothers and sisters and I dreamed of having big family dinners. I would imagine how Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners would be. I also imagine a Table filled with family. But that was only a dream and It never really manifested. My family is pretty small My parents , brother, nephew and niece and my Boyfriend. As a child my brother and I didn't have your typical Family and we didn't have many family customs. As an adult I find myself working extra hard to make family time really special and important for my nephews. On Fridays we have Movie night and we watch a special movie and get to eat snacks.. the healthy and not so healthy mostly spicy chips. As well as Play time with my Nephew D. On the weekend is our special time.. we call it our Quality Time and we do fun things, such as our favorites , the Swimming pool , the Beach, the Park , exploring and catching the latest movie. Sundays we have a special meeting with Jesus . As I mentioned before we have this time set in stone and won't change it for no one.

This long weekend was FUN!!! and we saw Cactus on out trip - this is what my nephew wanted me to say. We spent time with friends , on Saturday night we camped out in Holly's living room and fed the squirels from her balcony. And on Sunday night we had BBQ and sat in front of a Fire pit and roasted marshmallows. This was something new to me and I thank my friend Wendy for inviting us to her home and welcoming us into her family. We had a blast trying and making Smores for the very first time (for Me)  and catching up and talking about camping and watching the stars.  As I write this entry my nephew is sitting next to me and is telling me his favorite part of the weekend which was Malibu, sitting watching the waves and eating fruit while appreciating the wonders of God.

To hear this puts a smile on my face, because when I was growing up, I hated long weekends . They were filed with problems and alcohol as well as Domestic Violence. While the other kids spoke about the camping and the out of town trips... I dreaded the idea of being stuck home for 3 days while my parents went at it. So I am so happy to see that I am able to help my nephews have those super awesome weekends that I always dreamed of as a child.

So on behalf of Myself and my Nephew D  we thank God for Friends and super awesome weekends and We pray that every one that reads this post is blessed with family and Love.

xoxo Liz and D  May God grant you all a Super Blessed week =D

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Been away too long =(

Tokidoki Cactus Friends - 2" Carina Vinyl Figure

I am sorry I've been away for a while, but my arm is not working as I expected. I am experiencing pain again and I have gone back to physical Therapy and the simplest tasks cause me great discomfort and pain.
I would just like to ask for Prayers for me and my Nephews and Family. Blessings to all of you and I have faith I will be healed soon.

xoxo Lix

Believe in the Lord your God and everything you ask the father in his name, shall be give... So Father in the name of your son Jesus Christ I ask you for Healing for my body, but Specially for my Nephew D as well as a double portion of Protection for both My nephew and my niece. Amen

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank You GOD for one more Birthday !!

PS..I found tis cute bear on line he is not mine, I just love him

Hello every one Yeah!! today is My B-day and I am unfortunately at work with a Flu and with some major pain on my neck/ back and shoulders, but I am grateful that I have one more day in this life that God has been so kind enough to lend me. Last night I did my Thank You prayer and I asked the Lord for guidance. I am also Happy to say that I know what I will study next, I am not going to say what my decision is, I will wait for a better time to share with all of you, But As a b-day gift I asked Jesus to help me achieve my Purpose and my Dreams. And to use me to help others achieve theirs.

 I called my Twin and I wished her a Happy birthday she is also sick with the Flu I think I gave it to her ( by the way in case you did not read my previous entry my twin is my now 6 year old Niece, we are born on the same day " so in her 5 year old brain .. that means we are twins.. =D.

I have been blessed with many Happy Birthdays and I am so Thankful for the loved ones in my life that remembered.. I don't know what My boyfriend has in stored, I did say I wanted to go to Disneyland.. but I am not feeling good so I don't think I have the energy to do that. And as far as my Wish list.. this is the first year that I didn't have a list of stuff.. I was more concerned with God guiding me into my right path that I kinda focused my energy into asking the Lord for that type of blessing.
 =(... maybe that means I am growing up and maturing.

At work my Friends decorated my area with happy birthdays decorations and we cut a huge chocolate Cake . Yum Yum.. and then we hit Shakeys for a not so healthy but oh so good Lunch =D.

Anyways I hope you are all in good health and I pray that God blesses all my loved ones. my nephews and my Family and me with Love, Health Prosperity and Happiness. For my wish I wish blessings for all of us who need them and may God give us many many more years to grow in his presence.

xoxoxo and Thank You

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day and WOWOOOO.. My Bday is Tomorrow

Hello =)  I am so so sorry I have been out for a couple of days, I got the Flu and I am dealing with the pain on my neck and shoulders. Please keep me in your prayers.

I just wanted to take the time to Wish all the mommies in the World a Happy Belated Mothers Day. 
And I super excited.. tomorrow is my Birthday and I hope God Blessed me with a very Super Duper Awesome Day and most importantly with a Super Blessed Year.

I am still sick with the Flu and I am super Tired so tomorrow I am still going to be feeling under the weather, but I plan to enjoy myself.

I have so many things to Blog about from the Royal wedding to Bin Laden to my awesome visit to the Ronald Reagan Library. I just need to get some energy and I promise to tell you all about my last couple of days.

Also I forgot to Mention my Niece will also be celebrating her Birthday ... Yes she was born on the exact same day!!!! so I have to share LOL according to her we are twins.. =D so Happy Birthdsay Becks, I love you lots!! May God bless you always and may he shower you with blessings beyond your imagination.

Happy Birthday Mamas.. xooxox