Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is Here

Spring is here and the flowers are blooming, I simply adore Spring!
This past weekend I spent the day at the park with my nephews and my mother. My nephew received an animal Habitat as a birthday gift, along with all the accessories a little scientist needs to study live bugs and Insects. He absolutly loves it and my niece who shares my Birthday has requested to receive the same gift. We spent the whole day looking for specimens to study, equipped with a magnifying glass a net and a extractor we headed off. But not before my nephew gathered a couple of leaves and flowers from my dads garden to put in his habitat for his new tenants. 

Our first encounter was by accident my nephew and niece ran to the cactus garden and came back with a Buzzing Bee in their little dome.. to which I sad NOOO!! not that , that is a Bee and if he or she feels threaten it will use its stinger and sacrifice his or her life and sting us.. so we gladly let that one go. 

A little walk up a hill and we found a gorgeous Lady Bug colony. My nephews had to find 2 lady bugs one on top of the other so they though that was something good , they were playing so they must be happy bugs. 

You and I know they were not playing as they thought, instead they were mating . So we placed them in their new home . We then  found what they call Rolli Pollies, I am not aware if that is the correct name, but that is what my nephew and niece call them and in he went also. In a plant of mint we found a huge grass hopper but we let it alone and a beautiful beetle came zooming at us , which we also left alone. 

We found some caterpillars and they seemed safe so they went inside the habitat . My nephew was loving finding and learning about the bugs. Next weekend we will continue our adventure and maybe if we are lucky take some cool pictures of some lady bugs and Butterflies.

 I love flowers so I will definitely be on the look out for some pretty new blooms. Outside my front door our huge plant is already  blooming. From one day to the next it is filled with pretty purple/ lavender flowers. So go out and enjoy the Pretty flowers.. xoxoxo Liz

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