Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sundays Blessings! on a Thursday =D

OMG!!! something was wrong with my computer, I thought I had posted or at least saved my entry but it didn't. So I Have to start all over.

This is what happened this past weekend I had a AHA moment.. you I know when we all are going thru life and we think we are giving it all we have .. and then BAM!! someone who truly loves you has the audacity and guts to tell you that you are doing things Half A$$.. and you cant believe you just heard that. Well I had that happen to me on Saturday and to be Honest I needed that Reality check. I tend to be some what of a Drama Queen and I get excited about many things , but I was told and I realized that I ha vent been putting my 100% into my life lately. I must confess I was devastated when I heard those words and of Course I am a big Chillona.( No wonder my boyfriend uses that as one of my Pet names) . Yes My big Brown eyes were sobbing and the biggest tear drops were flowing out of them.. for a minute I tried to dismiss it as not being real and tried to lie to  myself that it was not true.  But come Sunday morning as I arrive at church and I am ready to go and tell JC how JZ had been so blunt and called me out.. out of my Pastors Mouth comes.. " GOD WANTS YOU TO GIVE IT YOUR ALL, IN ALL YOU DO... HE REQUIRES 100% NOT 25% AND YOU GUESSED IT .. Not 50%. And Lately YOU haven't been doing that .. You ask God for his all and maybe other people in your life for their all , But you aren't giving you100%. OMG!! what was I to do, but to get rid of my Pride and accept that reality.. That in Fact I have been a slacker that I have wasted 2 years of my life contemplating what to do instead of doing it, and If I am in a place in my life where I am not happy, I am the only one to Blame, its not God and it's not those around you that keep you do, It is YOURSELF.

Man that was tough and it felt like a slap in the Face times 2. But I accepted that my Boyfriend was correct when he stated that I am not working to my potential and I had no other choice than to specially when God himself  thru his vessel my Pastor confirmed it. So I asked God for forgiveness for being such a useless individual and I vowed to make a change. I am on day 4 and I am getting my things in order. I have plans and dreams and I have given myself a year (long term) to transform my life around. Short term I am already working on it and I promised myself to invest more time on me and not be so complacent.

So I felt the need to share this with all of you who may read this.. Don't ask God to change your life unless you are willing to change it first.  Also don't wait for God to send you an answer and to do something for you, unless you are willing to Jump and put your trust in him. And most importantly don't expect your life to change unless you take the First step and move to make it change. Remember Faith is believing in something that you can't see.  Its time we all put our faith into action and once you do that we will see The Power of GOD manifest in our  life.