Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Tuesday!! Vacation.. Here I come

So after almost 7 years of working non stop. I have finally decided to take a mini break... and I will start my mini vacation at the end of this work day!!!

What am I going to do.. I still don't know but just knowing that I do not have to go to work for a week is so worth it..

I know one thing.. I will make a trip to the Mac Pro store.. I really really want  the Pink Pearl Pigment.

And maybe take a scenic drive and take some new pictures.. will see and I will be sure to post it here.. 

How many Loves can a Person Have???

So as we sit here today , I asked My co worker.. this Question " Is it really Possible for a man to say He Loves Two or more Women at the same Time? "
To me that is Impossible , it will be more feasible to get a rat to learn to drive a Car than for that to occur.
But i thought I would ask that question.. since the media is providing us with these scenarios and we are hearing every where how a man can cheat on his wife with multiple affairs and still claim they love the wife..
That to me is IMPOSSIBLE. I believe that if a man has two girlfriends or is dating multiple women , then he really does not love any of them.
But then again men are mysterious creatures and they might not see it the way I do. Never the less if my significant other has someone else while he is claiming to love me.. the truth of the matter is that He really does not care about me or any one else.
And its time women start to realize that they deserve to have one person that loves them and most importantly that they Respect you.
I was listening to a Morning show today and the topic was the worst ways to get dump.. one poor girl got dump via IM.. and another one via text and one poor woman was abandoned on an Island with no money and no way to get off the Island via ferrie by her cheating ' jerk" of a Husband. I felt so bad for them and listening to their stories made me livid.. its time we learn to value our selves and not settle for any Tom Dick and Harry. And Never allow your self to be victimized.. Cheat of me Shame on You.. Allow to be victimized Shame on Me..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday


 Happy Palm Sunday...

Just came back from Church and as I have mentioned before I feel so revitalized after service. Today marks the beginning of Holy Week.  And  I just want to Wish you all a Happy Sunday.. May you and all your loved ones  have a Blessed week.  May You find comfort ,if you need it, May you have strenght  when you are tested, may you have Faith when all seems gloom.. may you feel loved and know that You are loved if you ever doubt it.. and may you be filled with Joy. Blessings to all xoxoxo..sea 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Old Pictures..

I remember that I was so busy I never posted a Picture of My nephews costume. we do not celebrate Halloween, for religious beliefs , but we are also aware that we are raising a little boy and as far as our decision to not celebrate that day is Justified by our own choice , we also understood that he needed to be allowed to make that choice himself. So I set him up with this.. the closes i could get to MAX from "Where the Wild Things Are" .
I bought a Wolf costume and made the modifications to make him look like Max.

On girls that are Friends..

I realized that I am one of those enigmas .. out in the world.. who does not have a set of girlfriends.. all my life  I was never the girl who had a BFF's or even one BFF.. So as I sit here contemplating my next trip to the Mac counter and seeing who is available to go with me.. it just dawned on me that I don't have any girls that are my Friends..

=(.. Times like this is when I wish I had a Sister an older sister preferably.

I have cousins but we are not close MMmmm.. I do have a 15 year old niece =D.... yes that will work

I will recruit her and make her my Friend. [ =(... yeah I know its sad!! ]

This is on my to do list.. get some Girlfriends..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

RIPP.. Ripp.. the sound of Cloth ripping !!

LOL.. I did not realize when and where my pant tore on me.. for all I know I could have been walking around showing every one my yellow white thigh.

HA ha.. that sound so funny.. I bet they wondered why does this girl not match... My face and arms are golden and bronzed =( But the rest of me is as pale as a "Cullen" and as much sun as I might get on those parts I don't sparkle.. and I don't tan.

Anyways I am stuck on my chair until i can go home.. I have a 3 inch tear in the inside of my thigh and I am not about to risk making it a whole 12 inch long.

has this ever happen to any of you... I know mental note keep a pair of extra pants in my work area for emergencies and days like today.

well 45 minutes to go .. see if I survive... 2 break is over and back to work I go.

On life..

So I my co-worker and I are trying to see what life changing decisions we have to make to get our selves out of this rut we feel we are in..

Don't get us wrong we have a Job and we are grateful but we want something more for ourselves.

Literately (the 3 of us) have to work really hard for our money and we have so much stress while the rest of co workers.. go about enjoying their day and make way more money than we do.

We are starting on a get free plan.. and we are trying to figure how to survive and make it in America.. reaching the American dream while not burning our selves ill..before we achieve it.

My break is over and now back to work and back to planning..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not so Beachy... sunday..

Spend the weekend with My nephew and niece.. Saturday we had a Birthday party for my Nephew.. Wow!!.. He is 8 years old.. =(.. our little boy is growing up so fast and soon he is going to be a pre -teen...then a teenager and then away he will go to college. Its exciting and sad at the same time.. he is changing but I pray that he grows up to be a great man.

{This is D with His Max Inspired Costume.. I made the Crown =)}

and on Sunday we did the mistake of going to Long Beach.. UGH!!

big Mistake it is the dirtiest Beach i have ever seen.. there was a Dead Chicken and a dead Rat Ugh!!!

if you are planning on going there DON'T..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lovely Sunday..with JC

I have missed my quiet time with JC.. ( Jesus Christ) my Lord and savior. Life has been taking too much of my time.. and I hate it.. I miss going to church and as weird as that may sound.. I am proud to say That I LOVE GOD and I love GOING TO CHURCH. I was missing my fuel.. i was spiritually running on empty.. when I don't make time for me and Jesus  I feel like Kitty Litter so I decided that even if I am not able to go to church during the week as much as I want to I can still be in communion with him. One way is by writing on my Blog.. see I have so much to be grateful to him that I can spend hours speaking about him... but I don't and I remember that when God manifests his Power in your life you need to tell about it so that others can learn from your experience.

Today I went to the late service which starts at 9:30 am.. yes we have an earlier one at 7am , but I was tired.. so I slept in , But it was not my doing.. I have realized that when ever i do that I receive such a blessing when I go alone to the 9 am service. 
Today was a day just like that I felt like the message was exactly what I needed to hear  and I had me time with the Lord. I was able to tell him how much I need him in my life and ask him to keep me safe to guide my life and to teach me how to be obedient to him, I received from him the certainty that I am not alone and that he will be there with me. That I only need to believe and seek him and he will be there to help me. I have so many plans for my life and today I placed them all in Jesus altar and I asked him to guide me to my future to bless my path and my decisions.. I am planning on getting married, something that my mother does not quite accept, but I trust that God will be with me and that he will protect me and keep me safe. 

I prayed and asked him to allow my mother to be more accepting and I asked for wisdom and strength to make my own decisions and not my mothers, I love her and respect her but she can not choose who I marry.. yes you heard that correct if it was up to my mother she would arrange a marriage for me, actually I think she had, but my brother took care of that for me... by simply saying to the person that I no longer lived at home.

Anyways I am glad I went to church today.. almost missed service because the time changed on me and second  I was tired.. but I was glad I didn't ..

May you all have a Blessed week and may you all know that the Lord in Heaven Loves all of us, all we have to do is humble ourselves and call upon him.


Movieland.. 3D...

Hello friends in Cyberland..

 I am so excited and thoughtful.. with life..  I finally went to see Alice in Wonderland with my Special Love and we even took my Nephew (7) and My Niece (5) with us, yeah I know Is that movie appropriate well I was scared that it wasn't but when we got to the theater there were a lot of other little kids and the answer was YES ...
They loved it .. and even though most of the reviews were negative, we enjoyed the movie and the time we spent together .

but OMG!! 3D movie tickets are not cheap.. and get ready almost all the previews that we saw where for upcoming 3D movies, like Toy Story 3 and How to train a dragon..

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice In Wonderland!!!

I have tickets to go see Alice in Wonderland tomorrow.. I am so excited  I love the  the Story.. I love Tim Burton... But above all I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!!