Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers for Japan and all the World

Yesterday late at night I read about the 8.9 Earthquake that had occurred of the coast of Japan and how it prompted a Tsunami  that hit the Northern coast of Japan and causing major damages and flooding to  to Sendai Japan. And as if that wasn't enough the following day a second earthquake hit them. I did a prayer for them and I asked the Lord to be merciful and keep as many people from harms way. This morning when I woke up getting ready for my Dr. Appt. I was shocked to see the images of the Flooding caused by the Tsunami. And I hearing that 50 other countries all along the Pacific rim were also on Tsunami warning. I urge all of you who read this post to be vigilant and to pray for the world and all our brothers and sisters. We may come from different Nations and speak different languages, but we all members off the Human race and we should be concerned with the well being of others. Pray and ask God to help those who are in Harms way and Pray to ask him to keep us safe.

I am specially worried about the children, these types of devastation's are are hard for adults to comprehend let alone little ones. I can't even imagine how my nephews would react if they were in such a devastating situation . So my heart goes out to all the children who are experiencing this traumatic experience, and are fearful and alone, many of them might be separated from their parents. According to the news on CNN Many Japanese are stranded and are unable to get  home, subways and public transportation are not working and even the use of Cell phones and regular phones have been effected. How can any of them reach their kids or their loved ones? I have so much empathy for them and I urge you all to pray for them and to pray to keep others from harms way.

My mother was concerned when she heard that Tsunami warnings were given to countries as far south as  Chile. My family is from El Salvador  and we have family that lives there and they also had a tsunami warning.

According to the USGS Here are all the major quakes that have hit just this year alone and as you can see they are raising in magnitude, so please take some time to get prepared and do an emergency plan for you and your family.

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