Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cheese cakes and DJ Parties!

 If you have any Kids in school , I bet you know exactly what I am referring to when I say.. Fundraiser, Cheesecakes and DJ Party. In case this does not sound familiar, let me explain remember the nephews that stood me up this past weekend pictured in this entry well even though I did not see them, they had me working. It was their annual Fundraising event and this year as well as last year they (WE) had to sale some really small yet very expensive cheesecakes. Please leave a comment if this is something you have done before. 
Well back to my story, so every child is given a package and are told to go out and sale.  When my brother and I were in school we used to sale yummy and delicious $1 chocolate Bars you know the long one with the white wrapper  which they can be found right

 here ->, remember those at a $1 a bar they were still hard to sale.
Well its 2011 and even though the economy is still not doing well and many are still without Jobs, We still need to support our schools and SALE, SALE, Sale... some pretty small and expensive $14 a pop cheesecakes. 
Yes you heard me right, what makes this worst is that now the schools have a Representative come to school and they have an assembly and they WOW the kids with all the Prizes they will receive if and when they sale the cheesecakes. And they go all out, the presenter has one of those radio voices and he makes the cheapest things look amazing.. like if you sale 4 of this $14 Cheesecakes you will get a WHOPPING Barrel of Monkeys..WOW ( retail value $4.95 at Toy R us ). 

But that's just for beginners.. how about something more exciting than that Boys and Girls.. what about your very own DJ.. PARTY!!!!  And the crow goes WILD and all you hear is YEAH!!!!!!! and the biggest and widest  eyes ever in every child who wants to go to the Party.  

Nephews included we knew we were in trouble... because in order for you Boys and Girls to get a Ticket to this awesome event.. you only need to sale 12 Cheesecakes. Just 12 cakes now lets do the math 12 x $14.00 = a mere $168. 

So of course you can imagine the rest, Nephews come home with their package and their big brown eyes all excited about the DJ party their school was throwing for them. We just have to sale some of these cakes. Now I said Nephews.. meaning 2 of them came home with their own package and we needed to sale 12 item to get to the party times 2. But what do you do.. can't tell them NO! they are all excited mostly because their dad,my brother is a DJ and they know what to expect. And it is the coolest thing to them. My boyfriend said.. Just have your brother set his system and throw them a party.. so I said yeah!! Good Idea, but it wasn't that easy. We all knew that we had to make this happen, because they (WE) did not want to be the kids who were left out of the Party. So we all had to become Cheesecake Specialist and sale not 12 , but 24 cheesecakes =(, not an easy thing to do. But what else could we do... the look in their eyes at imagining their own DJ Party was motivation enough. I tell you I was amazed at how we worked together to make this happen. I texted their mom and dad and told them... the Kids are telling me how the school is throwing a DJ party for them and all they need to do is sale 12 Cheesecakes each. So that means we need to sale these cakes. 

Of course we bough some ourselves Grandma bought 2 , Grandpa got 1, Daddy got 3, Tia (Aunt) got 3 and future uncle got 3. And I'm sure Mommy got 1 and other Grandma got 1 and Uncle got 1. And we are so grateful we were able to sale the rest to co-workers. I am specially glad that we worked together and made this happen. So now I wait to hear all about this Expensive DJ Party and the School better throw it.

Ps.  See their Big Brown Eyes, the look at knowing you will have a ticket to the DJ Party Priceless!!

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