Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 21st of Daniel Fast

Hello every one =)  I am back, I am officially done with  my 21 Day Daniel Fast and I can assure you all that it was well worth the time and the sacrifice. My Family has been blessed in the last week I saw things happening that only GOD could do. I praise him and I thank him for the opportunity to grow in his spirit.

And today marks the beginning of Holy Week. My hearts desire would be to be able to go and take my nephews all week to church so they can grasp and understand the true meaning of Easter. 

 Tomorrow I have a Dr. Appointment sadly the pain has slowly returned and I am having shoulder discomfort again. I Ask for prayers and I healing. My body is tired and will need some major rest time to re cooperate. I pray that the Dr. looks out for my well being and that GOD is in that office helping me and the Dr. to see what needs to be done to fix me. 

My brother took my nephews to the beach... and they loved, it.

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