Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bumble Bee Heaven - Pillow Pets

Greeting every one, I hope you are all having a blessed week, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

We are finally having some nice sun in LA LA Land... and in a couple of Days. It will be my Birthday...YEAH!!!!

Fast Recap:

Saturday: spend the day with nephews and we went to the Central Library my Nephew Loves books and my niece is so egered to learn she is finally embracing books. But before we went to the Library I stopped by Macy's to return an extra MAC nail polish and in the Plaza they have a MR. G's Toy Store. And on the window and almost everywhere they had the new Pillow Pets. My nephew has been eyeing this Orange burst of Joy in the Form of as he calls it a “Bumble Bee" and of course my niece had her eyes on a Pink Puppy. I kept telling her I don't think it’s a Puppy looks like a Bunny it has Extra long ears. But they were convinced that they were correct. So I ended up buying them the new pillow pets, I could not bear seeing my nephew leave without it yet again. This was the 3rd or 4th time they kept ogling them and have been waiting for almost a month, so I had to get them.

My Pillow Pets Pink Cuddly Bunny 18"Pillow Pets - Orange Chenille Butterfly - New Style

Sunday: Church and Quality time with Jesus and we did the runs visiting Family had a BBQ and Easter Hunt it was lots of fun. So I hope you also had a great Weekend

I am also in love with these cuddly little pets and I have one of them on my wish List, to match my nephews Heavenly Orange Bumble Bee. When I asked him what he liked about it so much, he answered, his face. Looks its so HAPPY =D... so even though I thought it was too Loud, he was right , his face can only make you smile and happy when you see it.

My nephew was so Happy, he said he felt like he was in Heaven … (In Bumble Bee Heaven.).While my niece realized that her Pink Puppy was in fact a Pink Bunny.

Shoulder: It's coming along... I am taking it easy and stretching and taking care of it. A bit of pain but I have faith God will heal me.
May the Lord bless you abundantly and may his peace be with you the rest of the week.

xoxoxo Liz

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