Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Monday!!!! Happy Birthday MOM!!

So hello everyone.. I am so sorry for not posting this weekend, but on Saturday I was in a comma induced by all the Smoke due to the Fires. YIKES!! we are actually close , on Friday as I was getting home, I was able to see the blazing mountains.. I said to myself.. hey that's too close..and that was the reason why I felt like I was walking around in an oven.
Then it got better all that smoke made the already bad L.A. Air even worst,I had the worst allergies ever,I felt like I had a cold, all stuffy and my eyes were all red and Puffy.. So Saturday I just wanted to sleep and avoid the outdoors and air completely. And that Huge Cloud of smoke and bad stuff that was hovering over the horizon and really close to Downtown L.A.

Sunday went to Church and went all around town to get my Mom her treats to celebrate her 62nd Birthday!!

HAPPY 62nd Birthday Mom!!

Yummy Strawberry filled cake from
 Phoenix Bakery in China Town
and her special request, Thai Food. =) Yummy.

Actually her birthday is today, but we cut her cake yesterday.
* will post pictures later

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