Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WELCOME!!! - Life, Love and Loneliness

Welcome to My World...................

So as I sit here setting up this blog spot, I feel like I have so much to say and Not enough time to say it.
I am going through a difficult time right now... all caused by my own actions.. you see I am a person that thinks too much and I have never allowed myself to do things just on gut feelings. I constantly think and rethink things over and sometimes, I think myself into not taking chances.. so that's why I sit here.. living my most recent days of life , alone and thinking about love. You see I had someone ( my JZ, he is gone , hopefully not for good) who loved me.. hung around me for years waiting on me to decide if I wanted him to be in my life.. well I thought and thought too much with my brain and did not think at all with my heart, that's what I have done all my life and now I realized that sometimes we have to take chances and sometimes we need to listen to our hearts a bit more than our brains. See that's the only way to learn . I have cheated myself out of learning so much by always thinking before I act, that kept me out of a lot of trouble but it also kept me sheltered and did not allow me to learn and experience new things. Remember the best teacher of all time is making mistakes.. if you never make mistakes you will never learn anything.

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