Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The great outdoors!!!

So I will be blogging about random stuff.. so please bear with me.. my mind is a strange thing and it goes places with out my full consent.  Today was a long day at work. As as much as I am grateful to have  a J O B . I much rather be doing something else other than work.. work work.. 

So I love the out doors and nature and I am working in a building on the 23rd floor in an office cubicle that looks more like a small closet that Carrie (Sex in the City) would say it was very very inadequate to hold her Blaniks.. but I am there 40 hours a week , yup 40 hours of my life are spent  caged up. 

So when I can I like to go outdoors and take pictures of what Nature has to offer. Here are just a few of my pictures.. yes they are all my picture.. I have to figure out how to put a watermark on them, but till then enjoy.

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