Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On Creativity.....Only When I am sad I am at my Best

The interesting fact is that we are all equipped with certain gifts, talents we just don't use them as much as we should. NOT Until we are SAD =(....... LoL

That is my story..So I am a creative individual so I have been told.. by friends ,professors and I think I am .. but I am also a Procrastinator and I don't use my talents. See this this blog is a perfect example.. how I got started blogging.. I have been trying to do it since a long long time.. I just never got to it.. Well not until today. All it took was to get DUMPED!! =).. LOL. and all my creative juices just started flowing and I found myself with a lot of time in my plate and a lot to say. I just became another artist who has to suffer with some sad moment in order to achieve creativity. So I have been painting , drawing and even making hair bows.. that I will sale .

And all it took was for me to be sad.. and the worst part is that I love the fact that I have become so motivated that if being sad is what it takes to achieve creative genius.. all I have to say is.. SIGN ME UP!!

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