Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To GOD goes all the Glory !!

Yesterday I logged into my Schools web site and I found pictures of my Commencement Exercise. So I went through the whole Library to see the expressions on every graduates face, and I loved seeing their faces. I saw Tears, Happy Smiles, Eyes deep in search for their love ones among the multitude of faces. And a whole lot of Cell Phones..=D

And it brought back memories, on that day as I was walking towards the stage I felt this unexplainable feeling. My eyes started to tear up (after I had told myself "Don't cry" ).

But it was unexplainable..I felt a rush of emotions all in seconds.. two steps away from the stage as my name was being chopped when being called out.. all I said was Thank You GOD!!
I was overwhelmed by what I was about to experience, see I had a hard time getting my degree, I had family obligations to my parents that I needed to focus on , that took me away from school for a couple of semesters, but I have no regrets, I grew up and I became responsible. I had to get a full time Job and help support my parents, and on paper it shows that I was no longer a dependent student and now I was considered independent so they kinda want you to pay your tuition. So it was almost impossible to be able to work full time and afford to attend school. But I am so grateful to God that he opened the door and made it possible. I could not have done it with out the support of certain angels. First and Foremost THANK YOU!! GOD for giving me the strenght to accomplish this. Second Thank you to all my UCKG/IURD Pastors for their Prayers and their Guidance and for teaching me that "with out Sacrifice", nothing can be accomplished. At work my friends had to cover me on the days I was not in, And my special partner in crime who would go with me to look for supplies,and books that I needed . He would look on E-Bay and for texts at a reduced price than what the book store was selling them. and I had to work on weekends to make up my work hours and of course a big Thank You to my HR. and former Manager and new manager for working with me and allowing me to work the weekends so that I could afford to go to school two days out of the week. And many co-workers and friends who believed in my potential and who supported me emotionally, always telling me how proud they were.

That meant the world and kept me going. Specially on my many sleepless nights , see I had 2 days for school and had to get assignments done in the evening because I had work the following day. Many days I was running on 3 hours of sleep. All that rushed into my mind as I was walking up to the stage. And at that moment I was pleased with myself. I began my college career trying to please my mother. But I finished it pleasing myself and learning that there is no such thing as impossible, when we put our minds to it.

But the best part was sharing this with my nephew and Inspiring him. Seeing the Sparkle in his little brown eyes and listening to him tell me how he is going to go to College and he is going to have a Blue car and take me shopping. That was as Master Card says -- Priceless!!

  • Abnormal Psychology Text book on ebay: $60
  • "A" on a term paper that took the whole night : $10
( Monster Energy Drink and Green Tea)
  • The Look on my nephews face as he wore my Cap and imagined himself a College Graduate:


I also have a 4 year old Niece and I hope that when she gets older, I am also able to Inspire her.


  1. Wow, you are an inspiration! God blessed you with determination and the energy to get your degree. Congratulations on a job well done. Wow, just wow.