Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heart Shaped Cherries

Today as I was on my way to work , I felt like I was in the mist of a BBQ Party.
The sky was foggy, smoky and the sweet smell of burning wood was all around me.
I said WOW!! What's Burning ??
Then I remember , that The Angeles National Forest was experiencing their yearly Fires.
So I remembered that some time in July we passed through the Forest on our way to a Cherry Picking Farm.
I wanted to show my nephew that cherries do not grow in supermarkets =D.
I remember that when we got to the forest I was a bit scared, see I don't like wooded and lonely places, because I keep remembering those movies where the victim always ends up in the woods.
I liked it even less when I notice my cell Phone had No Coverage.
"Great "I said what if I have an emergency ?
So not a cool feeling.. And the FIRE signs did not help. I saw signs that said
"Warning Fire can Break at any moment"!
Mmm.. maybe this was not such a good idea.
But it turn out to be fun, here are some of the pictures that I found.
We loved the heart shape Cherries and the yellow ones were so sweet.

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