Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Liz On WEIGHT!!!!

So I am so tired today, I went to the gym last night all on my own and was determined to hold on for at least 30 minutes, Yes I was being lazy. But as soon as I hit the one mile marker the competitor in me kicked in and I told my self do one more.. and I got to 2 miles.. then i told myself you still have 8 more minute.. go one more.. and so I did.

This mind over body game went on till I had completed one hour on the elliptical and after 6 miles , I was done and satisfied.

As you can see I am on a weight loss Journey and I am taking NO Prisoners. I have to drop 20 more pounds.

So let me tell you my Story, Love, Stress, Work (Office Work) and No exercise can all do a mean and big number on your waistline. And So I went from being a 103 - 115 lb Taekwondo competitor.. to a 120 Lb Macy's sales Associate to a 135lb +++ file clerk.. and from there it all went to hell.

so last year around my B-day , I gave myself the best gift ever a membership to the Gym. And I have been going religiously to work out. Had a couple of road blocks .. Last year 3 months after starting I fell on my butt and fracture my tail bone. So it took me out for about a month and I gained what little I had lost..

But Now I am finally seeing results.. and boy does it feel good.
I have documented my self through the process and I can finally see my old body (pre weight) emerging from underneath the layers of fat.

My clothes are fitting me loosely and I have to keep going. See its not about size, its about how good you feel about your self and I was not feeling good =(.. felt embarrassed all I would hear was "Oh My God you gained weight" or "don't gain any More weight" . What made it worst was that it was coming from people who were not Skinny or fit , but they had the nerve to criticize.

So I am regaining control of my body and I am going back to a good weight for my height. And I feel good about myself.

Along the way I learned that people can be mean and treat you differently just by your weight.. so sad.

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