Monday, November 29, 2010

The Super Long week is over =(

It's past midnight and our Thanksgiving week of Yummy food, and rest is sadly over. I hope everyone enjoyed their time off from that annoying thing we call work ( which don't get me wrong, I know we are all grateful for having).

But back to normality at least for a week or so.. and then we get ready for December and another week long family fest.

I start December off with a Bang!! my BF Birthday is this coming weekend so I hope to spend some quality time with him.

This past week was awesome had Thanksgiving 3 times, Yes that's right Tuesday we had one with my Family specially set up for my nephews, Thursday I went over BF's for Dinner and Today we had our home made Turkey specially for my nephew D. Who loves grandmas food.. when he saw they turkey cooking in the oven almost done he said "MMmm this is going to be delicious" as eloquently as an 8 years old with his Lisp caused by the onset of the front teeth being taken away by the tooth fairy.

By the way we were blessed with today's turkey by divine intervention, let me explain, we usually make a turkey with sauce and its yummy , but since we were having our entire floor from our house remodeled, we were not able to use the kitchen, so we had to buy the  Koo Koo Roo Family Feast, which was good, but was not our usual Thanksgiving Dinner. So I missed our traditional bird, so of we went last night in search of a Turkey to cook , but came short on finding one. We all went to the market and as sick as we were with the cold, we still wanted to buy a turkey. But there were none left.
So we came home, only to find a turkey sitting in our sink . Yeah JC saw how much I wanted one , so he used my aunt and her husband who kindly sent the bird to us via my other aunt.

The best part was when my nephew said.. u were right, just like my bday card said.. all your dreams and wishes come true.. we had wished for a turkey and BAM!  here was one waiting on us to discover it.

I am so grateful for the time off and my family.. even though we all have a cold we were able to relax and enjoy our time off of course not with out first going to 7 am  church service, boy was it cold this morning, but it was well worth the sacrifice. I spent the weekend sick but had some quality time with my little nephew and we discovered the beauty of Netflix. All I can say is .. I loves it.
 I just finished seeing Julia & Julie and I loved the movieJulie & Julia defntly a must see.

I am a huge Julia Child's Fan used to see her on TV when I was a child, I tell you between her and Martha Stewart, and Jacques Pepin I was in the fast lane to be a wonderful Domestic Goddess... but I am still not there yet.

*Ps.. the picture on the top of my blog was a Bday cake I baked for my BF a couple of years ago.. =)

**Psss.. Also I must confess I saw all of the following movies courtesy of Netflix
1. Free Willy 4Free Willy: Escape from Pirate's Cove
2.Confessions of a Shopaholic ( I have a story on this one)Confessions of a Shopaholic

3. The LabyrinthLabyrinth (Anniversary Edition)

4.The Land before TimeThe Land Before Time (Anniversary Edition)
5. Monsters Inc. Monsters, Inc. (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

6. G Force G-Force (Single Disc Widescreen)

Well time for bed.. xoxox may you all have a wonderful week blessed and in the presence of the Lord

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