Monday, November 15, 2010

Decision Points...

Greetings.. Hope u all had a wonderful weekend and I want to Say Thank You to all of you for following my blog.

I am feeling a bit under the weather.. I seem to have gotten a cold..=(.. I hate colds and they knock me out.

This weekend even as sick and weak as I was feeling .. I had promised my nephews to take them to the Movies. So on Saturday morning I had to roll out of bed and head over to LA LIVE .

 Actually  we needed to go to REGAL Theater.. at LA Live.. but my nephew always says.. Lets go to LA Live. We went and made it to the 1:30 pm showing of Megamind, and of course no kid wants to see movies in 2D any more. Its all about 3D.. but that makes me DIZZY =( but the nephews were eagered to get their hands on the 3D glasses.. that they asked for 3D please.. ughh!! not only was I going to be dizzy.. I was also going to have to pay a pretty penny.. because 3D is not cheap.. but promises r promises.

I am also excited because I am taking a little step to improving my work.. and I hope that this will help me get to my goal .. which I believe I decided what I am going to do with my life.. I just need to find my steeping stones to get me to my desired goal .

On a random note  I came upon this cute bottle Stopper.. last year for my b day my coworkers decorated  one of our conference rooms all in pink and we had the most adorable pink Napkins just like the picture above of the Girl in Pink.. with the most awesomness quote " I was never meant to Work"  LOL.. the Irony.

sea =)

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