Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

The Holidays are just around the corner!! I am one of those who just simply loves the Holidays. And its not because of the gifts and Retail therapy. I actually Love the Holidays.. because it reminds me of a better time in my life.  My younger years a time when I believe in Santa Claus and my schools made me put the funniest Holiday Programs ever and we all get dresses in funny little costumes ( Exh. 1 My nephew in his 1st ever Christmas Program). He loved it and so did I.

Anyways Thanksgiving is here, YEAH!! and we are celebrating our Thanksgiving tomorrow. My Nephews will not be able to be with us on Thursday, so we will be having Thanksgiving tomorrow evening.

To us that day is special and we love sitting down for dinner, we have so much to be grateful. I specially love Thanksgiving because that's the one day of the year where everyone stops and makes time to have dinner with the family. Something that we should do every day , but for one reason or another its not possible. Anyways my family will be enjoying our thanksgiving tomorrow and my nephews are excited. We can't wait.. they have their out fits already picked out. Their mom will drop them off tonight or tomorrow and they will spend the night  and on Thursday my brother will drop them off and they will be having thanksgiving with their other side of the family.

So I want to Wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving May it be filled with Love and joy and specially the presence of the Lord. May it be blessed and may your loved ones enjoy each others company. May traditions be started and memories made, but above all may we teach the little ones that even if the sky is gray, there is always something we can be grateful for.

I thank God for my family, my shibi, my job, my health, my friends, my life and for just giving me the opportunity to be here to share with my family one more day of life. I pray for every one and I hope that the Lord blesses them with a wonderful day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you , Blessings and xoxoxoox
sea =)


  1. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. May your holiday be filled with lots of love, cheer, and great food.

    Katie for Ouidad