Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Michael Jackson - Hold My Hand (Duet with Akon)

Just found a  new Song by MJ and Akon .. and All I can say is I LOVE IT.

It reminds me of my Nephew.. he has been really close to me and when ever he felt in danger or needs to feel safe and secure he Tells me" Tia .. Hold My Hand!"

That is his way to ask for help.. I tried to tell him that when he is scared to tell himself that he is going to be ok.. But I finally understood that sometimes we already know we are going to be OK and all we need is for someone to stand next to us to re affirm it.

That's what D was doing all along, when he felt frighten and his heart started pounding and he felt like crying and running away he would always grab my hand wrap it around his and say "HOLD MY HAND" his way of saying "I am facing my fear.. I just need you to stand with me to help me over come it".

Once I understood I told him, whenever u feel in danger and frighten.. remember.. I will always be right next to you.. holding your hand.. and U, Me and Jesus.. we can conquer everything.

This song has the same sentiment, we all need someone who will Hold our Hand and help us overcome what ever difficulties come our way. I am so glad I am his Hold My Hand person =).

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