Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Wish List and Ideas

So I always have a hard time when the holidays come around in the gift giving department.
I am a pretty simple girl.. I love Pink and Shiny things and I am not that picky..Ha ha ha lol.. but I have such a hard time finding the perfect gift for those I love.
So here are some ideas for you guys if you also experience the same dilemma that I do. I will list what I am planning on purchasing my family for Christmas.

1. Mom and Dad.. ha ha that is easy.. probably the most expensive gift on my list , but I have been saving and I will be using my Bonus if i get one to make this happen. I am making their house pretty and I have already changed the floor and foundation (installed and Paid for already) out with the old wood and in with the new. I am also going to get some new insulation installed and new kitchen cabinets and finally a new paint job for the inside and out side of their house. 

And lets not forget a Large Fruit Tarte ( their favorite) similar to these babies but a big 10"

Dollhouse Miniature Two Fruit Custard Tarts
2. Brother :  He likes Clothes , Movies and Cologne so I think I will just get him a Gift Card, those that can be used anywhere and he can choose what he likes.

3.Nephew:  He likes Science and Animals but has recently discovered Marvel and DC comics and the Love for Speed.. Speed racing that is .. so my BF and Brother will team up and buy  a Nintendo WII console.Wii Hardware Bundle - BlackOfficial Nintendo Wii Wheel

and a Pillow Pet..he wants this so bad, but doesn't know that its already in the Closet waiting to be wrapped.Plush Squeaky Dolphin New 2010 Pillow Pet Ball Large 18"

4. Niece : She is a girl for all seasons and loves everything from singing to sports to monkeys, but what  I think she really will love is a Razor Hello Kitty Scooter. My nephew has a little scooter and they fight for it.. she is a speed queen and will love this scooter.
Razor A Kick Scooter (Hello Kitty)Razor Aggressive Youth Multi-sport Helmet (Satin Pink)

and of course she also wants a Pillow pet.. yup its also in the closet waiting to be wrapped.My Pillow Pets Monkey 18"

5. The BF .. =( story of my life.. I have the hardest time with this gift, he is meticulous and I have such a  hard time finding something he likes. So I still need to think on this one. (Any advice and ideas will be greatly appreciated)

6. My Nephews Mom.. She is a Make up Junkie.. So can anyone say MAC . I purchased some LE Disney Venomous Villains and I got a few Dupes so she will be getting something from The Maleficent Collection.

***Also if any one is interested and would like to purchase any MAC venomous Villains please leave me a comment , I have the whole collection for sale.***  

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