Friday, November 26, 2010

I love PINK..and Nicki Minaj

Happy PINK FRIDAY!!!!.. I was not able to post this blog on wednesday when I encountered this new MAC Bubble gum Pink Lipstick.  I know many might say its a Dupe to Snob or Saint Germaine and maybe even Pink Nouveau (I own and Love). 

But  I love Nicki Minaj AKA Barbie, So I am definat. going to attempt to get this Lipstick. 

Except MAC is up to its tricks YET Again.. only releasing the Lipstick On Line and only for 4 Fridays.. =(...... Why?? do they hate us so for today.. they have sold out. 
Gotta stay up next week to score this beauty.

Also PINK FRIDAY is the tittle of Nicki Minaj's new CD on sale now.

If you want to see Nicki in action check this video out with Little Wayne 

LOL..Lil Wayne, not my type of music... but after I heard this song I was hooked. She also has songs with and Mariah Carrey, Usher,  and well actually with mostly everyone ..=)

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