Thursday, November 4, 2010

My "Original Pink Tool Box"

So as I mentioned before I have packages to open  one of them is my Early Xmas gift to myself a gorgeous  The Original Pink Box 5 drawer tool box to store my valuables( Doc.s,  Pictures and Make up and maybe some $$) .
This is a Picture of how the box looks.. I still have not removed mine from the shipping box.. but I could not wait to share this
26 Five Drawer Chest - Original Pink Box PB2605Cit is so Cute . I am waiting for my new dresser to arrive so that I can put this baby on top.  They have smaller ones.. but I have a lot of little things that I needed a place to store so i thought this would be a great home for them.

Its quite heavy my brother had to carry it in the house for me.. anyways.. when I take it out and set it up I will take pictures and share them wit you.

 I just love it an the Color is Great ..

xoxox sea =)

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