Friday, June 18, 2010

Wings to fly

Today I am feeling a bit Blue and really under the weather... Like I have mentioned before I have been helping raise my nephew for the past three years. When he was 5 for reasons that i cannot state he moved in with us and we have been caring for him ever since. now his mother wants him back and he is moving back with his mom and I just hope that we have given him wings that are strong enough to help him. I pray to God and ask him to keep him safe and to help him readjusting to this second change and that this time around his mother is equipped and willing to be the mother he needs and deserves.
I am going to MISS him greatly.. =(..... but I just pray that God decides what is best for him and that this is a positive thing. I will always be there for him and his sister.. always cheering him and on and letting them know that we are equipped with some great fabric that God has given us.. that we need to strive for Success and that the past can not dictate our future.. that if we Believe the world can be ours.. just takes work, dedication and Faith is the Lord.

Love you Lots D..

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