Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Samsung Impression

After a month and a half with this new phone.. here is my Honest Review.

I love the way it looks and its perfect for Texting.. love the size and the feel.. wanted a side kick and like I said this is the closet i can get to one.. i have AT&T..

Now the much as I love this phone this is the 2nd one that I have gotten , the first one was horrible , the camera function was always freezing and it kept turning Off on its own. The camera was giving me overly exposed washed out pictures. So i received a replacement and this one the camera works, but I still have the freezing when I attempt to open up my pictures.. Samsung was more helpful and offered to take a look and fix my phone free of charge under their warranty, but that meant having to be with out a phone for 3 weeks, and I am pretty sure that would have interfered with my AT&T warranty.. so I decided to keep it and work with it.. minus the freezing of my picture folder , the phone works great, Wish Samsung would recall all of the Impressions and fix them.. to keep them from freezing that would make this phone AWESOME .

ps.. my cover is off of ebay

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