Tuesday, June 22, 2010


8 Years ago.. I realized what the word Love really meant.. I never knew that one could fall in love by first sight. I learned that Love can be a painful thing.. that it makes u strive to be a better person.. 8 years ago my nephew was born and as honest as i am i can tell u he was not the cutest little thing.. LOL. he looked like a little alien all swollen. But in a couple of weeks after his birth he turned out to be such a stunner. Now 8 years old my little baby is a little man.. and today on the eve of his temporary leave.. he will always live in this house.. he sat up and looked at me and asked me " what did I see in him? He said remember when i was little well now.. what do u see.. So I understood he was asking me.. if he had changed.

I said Oh I see my Little man.. all grown up, stronger than before, now u have a voice and know how to use it, I said You are filled with The Love of Jesus in your heart , and knowledge and wisdom.. Strong legs and arms and the ability to stand up for ur self.

I pray that God knows what's best, My heart says its best for him to stay here with me, but I love him so much that I can also let him go.. and hope that his mother can give him the LOVE he deserves.. Blessings to My little Prince Ur Tia will always be there for you. Because it takes a village to raise a child and it takes Jesus and love to raise a man

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