Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I can do anything in JC

On Sunday I went to church like I do all Sundays, and I was so happy to listen to the message. It filled me with so much understanding and a deep desire to do my best. I learned that we should be grateful for all the things that God has provided. That it is okay to want more but to always remember to trust in him. That we can work day and night, but on our own strenght we can only get so far, before we are so drained and tired. I have been doing just that .. focusing on my wants and working so hard .. to only end up tired and over now I will trust in the Lord and I will work just as hard but this time I will allow him to be my guide and I will do his will and not mine. Easy said.. but hard to do.. but he will give me the strenght to do it.

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