Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On faith

Faith is living life trusting in something even if u cant see it. It is believing that something is coming. Faith is believing that the desires of your heart will be answered. Faith is believing that life will get better and faith is believing in what you can not see.. sometimes we lack some of that faith to pull us through our obstacles... I am so glad that when that happens i remember that faith is something that is in me and I can depend on it to get me through the dark trials of life.
in this trying days, when many of our friends and loved one are out of work and many are facing foreclosures on their homes, it the perfect time to place your all in the hands of the Lord. Only he can bring us out of the desert in tot he Promise land.
It is so easy to Praise god when everything is going well, when life is full of Joy and happiness, when we have excess and money is not a problem.

But to believe and Honor him during difficult times.. that's really trusting in him and showing him that he is with you in good times and in bad times. It proves to him that we wont let difficulties separate us from his presence.. So Hold on My friend to the lord, because he will pull us out of the Darkest hole and his light will shine on us..

Blessing to all

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