Saturday, April 3, 2010

On the Lies of Men..

As I sit here getting ready for bed.. I am asking myself why did God create men and women so different. Why is it so easy for a man to jump from relationship to relationship as if he was changing underwear?? How can a man give a woman a ring and ask her to be his bride and all of a sudden .. BOOOMM!!! now she is a SYcko Chick.. How can a man claim to love a woman for years and all of a sudden, on one of those frustrating days.. he tells her that he thinks she is a money hungry Witch and how everything under Gods' earth is wrong with her?

How is it possible for a man to tell a woman he loves her.. and have another woman on the side..

and the person who at one point was the best thing on earth.. all of a sudden is the person they detest.. All I have to say is that God has something better prepared for us all , and if you are so misfortune to meet up with one of these TOADS!!! don't give up... the Prince is somewhere near..

VALUE your self and Love your self.. Respect yourself and demand it from others.. if he is unable to see you for who you are and value you, then he is not the one for you.. Even if we want them to be.. reality is.. they are not.. Love should not be this complicated.. love and honor mean something.. respect and trust are the foundation of any relationship and if you don't have it.. walk away.. and wait on the right one who will give you that.

And if the person who you are with does not think that a ring or a wedding is important.. and unless you feel the same way.. it pretty much means he does not think you are worth the effort.. so Walk away..

Sometimes we get caught up in the pressure of society and see that all of our friends are getting married , so we want the same thing.. and we are so blinded to see that the person who we think is Mr. Right is in reality Mr. Wrong..

Its 2010.. and all I can say is that If I want a house I can work for it, if I want a car .. I can get one.. If you want a baby.. you can even adopt one.. so why do We need Husbands.. we need them for companionship.. for friendship, for emotional support ( not Financial).. and if the man you are with dislikes everything about you, they way you smile, your personality, the way you speak, your facial expressions, and thinks you want too much and compares you with others, then walk on by and kiss him good bye.. you don't need that type of person in your life. Because the truth of the matter is that he does not Love or Even like you.. he is used to you and maybe in love with your physical appearance.. but doe not love you for who you are.

Love accepts and likes our imperfections.. Love appreciates and does not make you feel worthless, love loves you for who you are and make you a better person.. Love does not make you doubt yourself and it does not make you ashame of who you are, your likes, dislikes, dreams, hopes beliefs, love does not judge and love does not give you stress, it does not make you walk in egg shells, it lifts you up and lets you fly.. if your love does not do this for you.. then its not Love, and you are dealing with a Toad... gotta walk on by

love xoxoxo sea

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