Saturday, April 17, 2010

Man in the Mirror... Make that change !!

Happy Saturday .. every one. I am on my mini break ( I am at work) .. yes I know.. But I need the $$$$$$ so gotta work .. I am all alone and I am on a time Schedule.
Anyways.. I was just listening to my Favorite Song of all times.. and was inspired to write. If you are wondering which song it is.. It is " Man in the Mirror" by none other than Michael Jackson.

Growing up as a child we used to listen to his music and I remember being glued to the TV when ever he Performed.. One thing I regret is not being old enough to go see him Perform. He was captivating and the music spoke to my heart, I love many of his songs but two of them, are meaningful to me.

But a child I loved this song.. because it so uplifting and its so true.. If I want to make a change I have to start with the person I see every day in the mirror (Me).

and I guess that seeing images of children suffering and living in poverty through his videos inspired me to do something. I remember that through his music and video images I learned that the world is a great big place where change needs to be done and help needs to be given to many. Sometimes we get caught up with our selfish nature and we fail to see the greater picture.

anyways time to go back, just want to say be grateful for what GOD has given you, and share it with the world. xoxoox sending you all hugs and kisses and smiles.. have a blessed and happy weekend.

Ps.. I live in LA and very closed to the Staples Center so I was lucky enough to be able to go and leave a message for MJ on this Giant Board of Love..

sea =D

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