Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday!!!

Blessings to all of you on this Good Friday..   I  am enjoying my days off.. did not do what I had planned to .. due to a Person changing their  mind, but Still managed to enjoy myself.. I was able to go to church and participate on some of our Activities.
Wednesday Washing of the Feet.. will post Pix  later.

Thursday.. Family blessing 
and Good Friday .. participating of the breaking of bread
still have Easter Sunday to go.

I am sitting typing this.. ironically because my Little nephew( who just turned 8 ) was on line and mistakenly attempted to clean my Mac monitor with a paper that had Gum on it.. so YES!!! I had one of those OMG!! moments.. but I managed to clean it.. I am just writing this to kill time so that he understands the magnitude of his transgression ( if i clean it fast he would think it was not a big deal)  He must learn to be responsible and consequences.. 

Also since I did not go out of Town ... for my mini vacation.. I used some of the Money on the MAc Counter ( mini haul).. will post pictures, this weekend.

Going to eat dinners.. My mom made the best fish ever... Yum  Blessings to all 

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