Monday, September 21, 2009

Thoughtful *&*

As I sit here in my small prison away from my loved ones and away from the sunlight . I ponder the real meaning of life and I ask myself what is the meaning of life? Are we really meant to live it the way we do? for example what about the person who works 40 Plus hours a week and has no time left for a social life or for Family. What happens to family time.. Is that a term of yesteryear's? Does it still exist in this day and age? We are living in a time where we don't have to move to see our loved ones.. all you have to do is send a text, twitter, or blog about your life. But we still can't make time to see them face to face and just be there with them letting time pass us by . LOL.. As you can see I am on one of those thoughtful days when I ponder the true meaning of life. Some of us work hard to provide a pretty good life for our loved ones, but in the process we cheat them out of the most valuable gift we can give them, TIME.
yesterday I worked to give you a better today, Today I work to give you a better tomorrow.. tomorrow comes and I work to give you a better after tomorrow.. but when will I stop to work to be able to enjoy you today.. so that tomorrow when you or I are gone I will have no regrets.

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