Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mac Haul!!!

Sorry I had not posted anything..Wed I took a day of from work for sanity and to take my Nephew to his First day in 1st grade , then I spend the day in the outdoors=0) .. Yeah and I love it. and yesterday we were busy at work..=(.

But let me tell you about Wednesday, after I took D to school , I had a date with MAC . This was my very first Mac Haul and I loved it. See I had gotten a gift card for Christmas from my B-Friend ( he accidentally broke my Channel Compact and decided to replace it with a Mac Card). And I did not have time to make it to the Store to choose my Items. YES!!! can you believe it , 9 months with a Mac Gift Card.. the insanity =).

He said the Gift card was to be used for Eye shadows. He had also bought me a 12 shadow Pallet and I was supposed to use the Gift card to fill it up. But I did not find colors that I liked (actually that I did not have anything close to ) . So I only bought 7 eye shadows. and I used the rest to get some other goodies.

1. Mineralized Skin finish
2. Mineralize Blush - Gleeful
3. Lip Glass - Cult Fave
4. Kohl Pencil - Smolder
5. Paint Pot- Indianwood
6. Eye Brow Pencil - Spiked
7. Courdoroy
8. Phloof
9. Goldmine
10. Shadowy Lady
11. Nocturnell
12. Contrast
13. Sushi flower
14. Kitschmas
15. Plushglass - FullFilled

Ps. If there is anything that you guys think is a Mac must have please let me know..I really liked this Pigment called Pink Pearl, but they had sold out of it.. so I am waiting for it. Like I said this was my First time trying their makke up , I used Channel and I loved it, so I am not that knowledgeable as some of you out there.

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  1. dreamer!...i have a dream!!!...

    "this infamy.O my prince is delicious!"...for you!