Wednesday, December 29, 2010


As a Christmas gift I took my BF to dinner... LOL he loves being treated like a Prince =D.

Anyways he had been mentioning his desire to try this restaurant , because they serve certain dishes that you won't find in most places. The Restaurant is great, it is next to Santa Monica Airport and it has the best Lamb ever. I don't eat Lamb.. but their lamb.. I will definitely eat. But he mostly wanted to try the Scorpions and the Silk Worms. Yes, that is what he wanted so .. I made reservations for us and we set on trying something new.
So we started with some appetizers.. NO wait..let me tell you about the regular food first.

 They have wonderful Thai Food the Lamb like I said was awesome and it is served with these rectangular bread that seem to be a mix of croissants and rolls. The Lamb is cut is thin slices and it is mixed with some yummy spices and veggies.. this was my Favorite. We ordered a side of white rice and this was yummy.

It was delicious, will go back for some more... the Lamb was about $19

I also wanted to make sure I ate something that I liked so I ordered some Kung Pao shrimp ( I don't like Lamb so I was not planing  on eating Lamb)

The Shrimp were Ok,not what I expected they were good , but needed some veggies and some spiciness, it only had a whole bunch of Onions and Peanuts.. =(  
This was around $11.. skip it and get the Lamb =)

and We also ordered some Pai Thai Noodles which we didn't even touch and we took home.

Spicy Chile, always need this to make food better!

The following pictures might be a bit to much for some of you so "WARNING" .
Like I mentioned before he wanted to try something new and the main reason for going to dinner was to try the following plates.  
We ordered the Scorpions and the Silkworm plate. 

The scorpions were rather interesting, I didn't taste them since they were really small and super crunchy and were on top of a bread with Shrimp, I only tasted the shrimp , but I did feel the tail of it.. as I did not chew it properly.. it kinda scratched my throat.
Also 1 order is for 2 Small Scorpions..this was about $9- $11

and The Silk worms were as J described them rather nutty.. yup they were like peanut butter filled =D...I was avoiding tasting them , but he insisted and he seemed to like them so I said I would think about it.

 Proof that I had some.. LOL.. not my best picture, I look really tired =(..
and here is my J...looking at the Silk worms.. with those little eyes of his..

And I washed it all down with some Yummy and super tall glass of Thai Iced Tea.

The Food was good, the Service was great, the ambiance was calm and intimate and we had a blast. =D

So if you are interested in trying some of this yummy and interesting food, check them out ! We made reservations , but traffic was great so we made it there 1 hour before our reservation, but they were very kind and moved our reservation to 5:30 pm. Also thats the time the kitchen opens so plan acordingly.

Typhoon it is located next to the Santa Monica Airport 3221 Donald Douglas Loop South  Santa Monica, CA  90405

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