Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year..2011 Here we Come

My number one question for all of you is.. What will you do this year to make your life a Bit better???

I am going back to school to get a Certification and hopefully make more $$$$.. then I will be able to work part time and enroll at least 1/2 time to school to work on my Masters.  I want to learn so much.. and Like I said School to me is for Learning and Knowledge. work is for $$$ so I will work to get more Education.

If that makes sense.. anyways this year I will continue with my exercise plan and hopefully I will be back to my ideal weight in July in time for My Cousins Wedding.. =) .. I am a Medium right now.. so I just have a little hump to go.

Also I plan to spend more time with JC, my Family and Myself. I need to find a class either an Art or Dance Class.. I need some Me time.
Last year  I only worked and worked and have nothing to show for .. except a tired body.. Not this year...

See the Picture on top .. that's my Nephews Drawing.. that's Him and I on a diving adventure, he has such a great imagination.. so this year I want to make that drawing a reality. We have been busy with a Super thick Homework package and we have fun writting the stories and drawing our adventures.

So for 2011 I want Adventures, and the great outdoors and Physical Activities and School and Knowledge.

may your 2011 be filled with what ever your hearts desire.

xoxooxox Liz =)

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