Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Danger...Hungry Farm Animals..

 I love this Picture, He had the most interesting eyes ever. I approached him and asked if I could take a picture and look he stood still and looked right at my camera. These are the pictures of our little adventure at a local petting farm.  It was not a planned visit we were driving by and my friend Jo spotted the little farm and decided to surprise us city kids with a little visit to this Pony and Animal Farm. So the 3 of us .. my nephews and myself  we were excited at the thought of seeing some live Farm Animals. My friend proceeds to buy 2 cups of food to feed the animals. Only we encountered a little problem, remember I said  "City Kids"  lol.. we have not been around any livestock such as the ones we were about to encounter and we did a couple of mistakes. =D

Mistake #1 Jo handed the cups of food to my nephew and niece.
Mistake #2 we allow them to walk in first and I was not aware that these goats are aggressive and will tackle you down for some food. So as I am approaching the entrance  I hear my nephew..Screaming "HELP!!! "they want to Eat ME!!!!" he is struggling to get away from the hungry goats, and  on the other side I see my niece trying to run away from the goats only to get corner by 4 goats.

I am freaking out.. Like I said we are city kids and  ignorant as to Farm Animals and their behavior. Joanne our resident New Hampshire Doll is also scared not because of the animals, but is trying to console my screaming and super terrified nephews who are convinced that the goats want to eat them. =D.. in reality the goats where aiming for the cups of food that that they were holding and to small children the goats are at eye level coming forward full speed ahead mouths all wide open and ready for some carrots and treats.  Once she realized that the food was the cause of the problem she knocked the food from the kids hands and the goats ran to eat. Leaving my nephews free to escape and that is exactly what my Nephew did .. He jammed right out of the pen and was not interested in going back in. Can you say TRAUMA!!! I felt horrible and so did Joanne, there she was trying to show us some cute farm animals and now here we have my nephew terrified to even look at the goats and refusing to go back in. 

Here is a Picture of My niece.. see her smile.. it is one filled with nerves.. she was on her way out also, but I managed to convince her to stop and take a picture and the goats left her alone.

One down 1 to go.. I am so grateful to the owner she was so understanding and managed to mention How God creates the animal and that they are our friends. To that D replies.. Oh.. they are our friends God made them for us to care for.. so she intelligently replies.. yes.. I have baby Piggy's do you want to see them? and he replied "OH NO!".. not back in there.. so she replies and tells him.. "No"  "I have a different way to in, away from the goats and you can see baby ducks".  He heard ducks and babies.. Yes let see.. and WHAM he is cure =( not really he still dislikes goats and does not want to feed them but at least she managed to get him back in the pen.

In the back of this picture you see my nephews legs, he is the one n the middle... he needed protection lol to go back in to see the ducks and piggy's.

Warning to all ... Farm Animals are great, but use caution when food and little kids are involved.. they will dash for the food and the kids will think they are rushing them.
 Anyways it was interesting and we got some cool picture.
This was a friendly goat.. she kept following me
Life Saving Ducks... Nephews Favorite

                                                   An Alpaca, we thought he was a Llama

He was my Favorite so fluffy.. a Lion Mane Bunny.

and an Emu.. we thought he was an Ostrich

and a Pot Belly Pig... we knew this one of the bat

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