Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Birthday JD!!!

Today was my Friends Birthday so on Thursday we took her to Papa Cristos. For those of you  out side LA Papa Cristos is a Greek Restaurant and on Thursday Nights they Have a Feast Ala My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Except it is called My Big Fat Greek Family Feast. For those in LA the restaurant is located on 2771 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006 they are  located on the northeast corner of Pico and Normandie.

On the menu.. Lamb chops and Chicken , Potato, Green Beans Salad, Grape Leaf Wraps, Pita Bread, French Bread, Wine and the Yummiest Humus ever. Also after Dinner you have live entertainment, a Belly Dancer to go along with your Greek coffee and baklava. If you are interested in attending this Feast or trying Greek Food go check out their web site

so it was Jo's 50th Birthday and we wanted her to have fun. here are some Pictures first one is with Papa Cristos himself.. check out the mustache.
They gave her a Card and a California Lottery Scratcher

 The Appetizers
Yummy.. Humus.. this one is really Delicious
and the Wine.. not my cup of tea.. but fun to try

 Love the Salad with Dressing (TZATZIKI - yogurt cucumber dill sauce) thats' to die for
 More Appetizers
DOLMADES - grape leaves & rice , Olives and FETA Cheese
SPANAKOPITA - spinach and feta pie

 Main Course a combinations of Veggies
 Mmmm Love these 
 Chicken so soft 
 and of Course Lamb.. the main reason why the BF went
after  Dinner we drank Greek coffee and enjoyed the Belly Dancing

 and at the end all the birthday babies received a custard mini cup cake.. so cute

Happy birthday JO... Blessings to u and may this year be your year!!

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